1. B

    WANTED: Front Rows Baltimore/PIT Hershey

    Greetings all, Just signed up for an account to ask for some help with tickets. I'm looking for 2 Row B/C for Baltimore, and 2 PIT seats for Hershey. Would definitely prefer physical or ticketmaster transfer. Please let me know the row/seat and your price. Thanks very much!
  2. S

    Chicago, IL Tour Date 6-13

    :squiffy:anyone hear of the possibility of a meet and greet for the Chicago date??:D
  3. vivaxhate

    Selling an XL Edith Sitwell 1991 shirt

    Hi, I have an XL Edith Sitwell shirt I'm looking to sell. I've had it for years but I don't get much wear out of it so I figure it's time to let it go. This shirt is from the 1991 Kill Uncle tour and this version of this shirt was apparently only sold one night. From passions just like mine...
  4. S

    June 13th Civic Opera House Chicago date

    Just wondering if anyone has heard of possible meet and greet opportunities for this date. Even known time tables of when he'll show up for practice and which side of the building he'll be at. This is my first moz concert so i'd love to meet him :)
  5. C

    Where do you want morrissey to perform in 2014/15?

    Where do you want morrissey to perform ? and if you could pick one song for him to open the show what would it be and why ??
  6. Group following the tour 1992

    Group following the tour 1992

    Group of 8 following the tour in 1992. New Orleans airport.
  7. Raised To Wait

    Wanted: 1 Johnny Marr Ticket for Dublin (Weds 27th March)

    Short notice I know, but I'd be really greatful if anyone can help out with a spare for this... PM me if you have one going a-begging. Thanks
  8. viva pffft.

    Morrissey actually has a bleeding ulcer; tour to resume Feb. 9 in Las Vegas - BrooklynVegan

    UPDATE Jan. 29: Joe sends the link: Grapevine: Morrissey checks out of Royal Oak hospital - The Detroit News Excerpt: British singer Morrissey has been released from a Metro Detroit hospital and is expected to make a full recovery, his publicist said on Monday. According to publicist Lauren...
  9. M

    For sale -- two tickets to the Atlanta show on January 31.

    SOLD two tickets to the Atlanta show on January 31. SOLD! Two Tickets to see Morrissey January 31 at Cobb Energy Center. Section C in the Grand Tier, Row H, Seats 114 and 115. Sold together only, please. $68 for both, which is $10 off the total face value. My wife and I bought the...
  10. Morrissey with Raised Fist - 1991

    Morrissey with Raised Fist - 1991

    This is a framed photo of Morrissey that I shot in 1991 in NJ. I made 3 prints of this image for an art show. The size of the photo is 8 x 10, while the frame is 11 x 14. If interested in a purchase, please get in touch! Thank You.
  11. sammka

    Hugged Morrissey?

    Hi all - I'm new to this forum, but not to being a Morrissey fan (going on 10 years of rather obsessive Moz fandom). I joined because I have a burning desire to find out what happens to people who go up on stage during concerts, but couldn't find any recent answers via google. For this...
  12. M

    Melbourne - Morrissey warm up show

    To warm you up for Morrissey, Plagiarism Begins at Home have come out of retirement to perform all your favourite Smiths songs in a once off show. Wednesday December 12th Grace Darling Hotel. Doors 9pm This is what you'll be getting..
  13. T

    Morrissey art prints for sale. Live in 1991 in NJ.

    I took these photos of Morrissey in 1991 at the Garden State Arts Center These shots have never been published. This is my first time offering them for sale. They are size 11" x 14". $200 each. They are an edition of 3 and will not be printed at this size again. **the actual photo...
  14. girlxafraid

    2 Tickets for Maine (Below Face Value)

    Selling both for $50 or $25 each. I'll be at both Terminal 5 shows in NYC if you want to meet or I can ship for free overnight. Thankssssssssssssssssss
  15. Genoa 2012

    Genoa 2012

    Pics from Genoa 2012 - July 8
  16. Genoa 2012

    Genoa 2012

    Pics from Genoa 2012 - July 8
  17. Genoa 2012

    Genoa 2012

    Pics from Genoa - July 8, 2012
  18. Genoa 2012

    Genoa 2012

    Pics from Genoa - July 8, 2012
  19. Genoa 2012

    Genoa 2012

    Pics from Genoa - July 8, 2012
  20. A

    Tell me about the Chicago Theater

    It appears to be all seated/ no GA? Would really love to see Moz surrounded by the regular pulsing crowd of fans. Wonder how far I will have to drive to make this happen.... Thanks for any input you windy city folks can share......
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