tickets 4 sale

  1. typicalgenius

    Come to Camden I'll be good

    Camden's BB&T Pavilion has a delirious number of seats still available for next Monday's show -- so why should you consider purchasing one or both of mine? For ONE: they're fairly pleasant seats -- the scenic Sec 102 Row K Seat 19 and the even plusher Sec 101 Row C Seat 5 -- nearly as close as...
  2. Simple_Pleasures

    2 Tickets for May 3rd New York

    Hello, I’m selling 2 tickets for the New York show on May3rd, Mid Mezzanine, Row A. DM me if interested! Greetings, Ronja
  3. Simple_Pleasures

    2 Tickets for May 3rd

    Hello fellas, since we got other tickets to this show slightly later, I'm now looking to sell our tickets for the Broadway Show on May 3rd. They're in Row A in the mid-Mezzanine and I would sell them for 500$. That's even less than we paid for them with all the fees etc., so don't complain...
  4. bluecats

    Glasgow february 17 2018

    Because the standing level tickets on TicketMaster were over, I ended up buying a level two front, seating ticket. Is there anybody, who has a level 0 standing ticket, intrested on swapping the tickets?
  5. SuburbanChic

    Brooklyn Kings Theater, 4 tix $110

    Section 5, Row DD (4th row in section, 30th row from stage), Seats are together (17-23) Cost: $110 each (I paid $143 total) My seats are in the same row, I've been to King's Theater before and this section is a nice view. I could meet-up to transfer tickets to your TicketMaster account (safest...
  6. M

    2 x tickets for sale Sydney Opera House - Sat 30 May 2015

    I over did it on the ballot to avoid disappointment, and have 2 spare tickets. Selling at face value to true fans. Excellent tickets; Circle A Reserve, Row H. COST PRICE $137 - includes booking fees and insurance in case of cancellation. Will sell, so biggest fan who missed out must reply...
  7. M

    4 x Sydney Opera House tickets for sale - Wed 27 May 2015 - premium stalls

    As there was a ballot, a group of us entered it and were all successful so we have extra tickets. Selling at face value to true fans. WEDNESDAY 27 May 2015. Tickets are the best type: Stalls Premium row L. Cost price $169.00 plus small booking fee. Get in quickly as this was sold out in...
  8. theaudiomedium

    1 Ticket for Saturday's Terminal 5 show in NYC

    I have one hard (i.e. not the kind you print at home) ticket for Saturday's (10/13) Terminal 5 show. I'd like to get face value minus TM fees, so it would be $75. I'll consider reasonable offers, though. I'm going to be in town from Boston for the Friday night show, so I can meet up Friday...
  9. E

    1 Pair great seats - Radio City 10/10 - face value - Orch 3, row OO

    For sale: 1 Pair great seats - Radio City 10/10 - face value - Orch 3, row OO Have to head out of town for work, and I can't use my Morrissey tix for Radio City tomorrow (Wed 10/10). Orch 3 Row OO. Ridic seats! Face value. Will check here, but easiest way to get me is via Twitter @ebbhead...
  10. B

    Tickets Argentina

    Hello There! Anybody can tell me when does the tickets sale starts? I don´t want to miss it! Thank you!!!!
  11. G

    3 Shrine Tickets for sale. TONIGHT!

    2 seats together in the orchestra, Row 27, Seats 42/44 ($235 Each) 1 single seat Row 21, Seat 38 ($150) Please Email me at [email protected]
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