1. FatGayVegan

    The dreadful state of UK ticket sales

    I recently wrote a brief exploration of how drastically Morrissey's ticket sale figures have plummeted in the UK, with special attention given to the startlingly low sales for the upcoming Leeds gig. With two weeks to go until the show, huge quantities of seats remain unsold in some of the best...
  2. Simple_Pleasures

    2 Tickets for May 3rd

    Hello fellas, since we got other tickets to this show slightly later, I'm now looking to sell our tickets for the Broadway Show on May 3rd. They're in Row A in the mid-Mezzanine and I would sell them for 500$. That's even less than we paid for them with all the fees etc., so don't complain...
  3. A

    Elitist upcoming Portland/Troutdale show

    I was preparing to buy tickets for Morrissey's upcoming Portland area show at Edgefield and I realized to my dismay that this outdoor venue is putting a spendy reserved seating area in between the stage and the poor proles who will be stuck a ways back behind a fence on the lawn. (Prices in...
  4. SomeTotallyRandomMozFan

    Shrine Auditorium - L.A. tix will go on sale Friday 9/16 at Ticketmaster

    Shrine Auditorium - L.A. tix will go on sale Friday 9/16 at Ticketmaster
  5. The Seeker of Good Songs

    Ticketmaster And Live Nation Agree To Merge

    Feb. 10 (Bloomberg) -- Live Nation Inc. and Ticketmaster Entertainment Inc., the largest companies in live music, agreed to merge and began a defense against antitrust concerns raised by lawmakers, consumer groups and Bruce Springsteen. Shareholders in each company will own about...
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