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  1. LiamArrowsmith

    Manchester By The Smiths- New Documentary

    A new documentary about how The Smiths came together, and what spurred their music. Features interviews with Si Wolstencroft and MozArmy founder Julie Hamill! link:
  2. Cliff Gloom

    London: The Smiths & Morrissey Night at O2 Academy2 Islington - Sat 20th May

    Burn Down The Disco are throwing a Smiths & Morrissey party to celebrate Moz's 58th birthday in association with Feeling Gloomy! Join us at O2 Academy2 Islington on Saturday 20th May as we mark his birthday with tons of Smiths & solo hits, faves and rarities. We'll have a special cake to cut as...
  3. Jose Manuel Hernández

    t-shirts from The Smiths and other bands

    Hey guys. Just wanted to share with you our t-shirts We have t-shirts with designs from The Smiths, The Cure, and some upcoming ones of different musicians of that era. Check it out if you like it! We ship worldwide. DSC_0356-679x1024 by Jose Manuel Hernández posted Apr 21...
  4. still I cling

    Strange/unexpected Moz references?

    Much to my surprise, I ran across one today in an art textbook ("Living With Art," 6th ed.), in amongst the Leonardos, Van Goghs, Japanese woodcuts, and Greek statues: Yes, it's really about the artist/designer who created the image, but....Where is the most unexpected place you've seen...
  5. J

    Morrissey signed memorabilia

    hi, i've been looking for signed merchandize from the smiths or Morrisseys solo career but I'm really struggling to find tuff that isn't £300 plus does anyone know the best places to look or anyone who's selling. sorry if this is a common request I'm new to this forum. thanks
  6. D

    Hopper, Hopping mad

    Can anyone tell me if Dennis Hopper successfully sued Morrissey/The Smiths for the use of this image? Dennis Hopper for those who dont know took this image. He was reported to have gone off the scale at its illegal use.
  7. Cliff Gloom

    Sat 7th Jan - The Smyths 'Strangeways' & Smiths Special

    The World's premier Smiths tribute, The Smyths, are back at O2 Academy Islington this Saturday 7th January. 'Strangeways, Here We Come' is the album The Smiths never got to play live, having being released after the band had split. Using the 30th anniversary of the album's release, The Smyths...
  8. MozVegan9

    Kristeen Young London residency Feb 2017

    KRISTEENYOUNG is playing at Th Hi Hat in L.A - 8pm; the last 4 Tuesdays of January 2017. Special Guests at each show: "KRISTEENYOUNG are a NYC-based keys, bass and drums (zeppelin-heavy, avant garde, piano-bash rock) trio. They have toured with Morrissey, played on the Late Late show with Craig...
  9. S

    Anyone collect the 10' re-issue Smiths Vinyl?

    Wondered if anyone collects the Warner Bros reissues on vinyl. They come in a 10" format, and are individually numbered i believe from 0001 to 5000? I have currently 'Hatful of Hollow' 'The Smiths' 'Rank' I paid between £18-£35 for these, but see them go for more on ebay. Anyone else a fan?
  10. dirtee rephlex

    "Please, Please, Please..." cover by Puggy & Aline On The Roof

    "Please please please let me get what I want" cover by belgian TV show participant Aline On The Roof and belgian band Puggy : ALICE ON THE ROOF REPREND THE SMITHS EN COMPAGNIE DE PUGGY - Aficia
  11. C

    Smiths featured on Map Of Alternative Music History

    Let’s All Obsess Over This Intricate Map of Alt Music History - Wired Excerpt: It started with The Sex Pistols. Specifically, with The Sex Pistols’ June 4, 1976 show at the Lesser Free Trade Hall in Manchester, England. The concert now ranks as one of the most influential performances of all...
  12. STLBatman

    Your daily and abysmal LOL

  13. chase2209

    The Queen Is Dead green/yellow vinyl?

    I'm by no definition a proper record collector, I don't know much - so bear with me. I've got this The Queen Is Dead vinyl that's bright yellow and green, and funnily enough, all the tracks on side 1 are in the wrong order (it starts with I Know It's Over and ends with Frankly Mr Shankly). I'm...
  14. Graham Rae

    "Soundproof Future Scotland" - new Scottish novel with Moz/Smiths refs

    Hi there. I hope this doesn't seem too spammy. I am a Smiths/Moz fan of over 30 years standing. I was published in the Smiths short story edition Paint a Vulgar Picture, edited by Peter Wild, that came out a few years ago. I have just published my own novel, Soundproof Future Scotland. It...
  15. dothewatusi

    Worlds Collide: Mash-up of The Smiths and The Misfits The Smithsfits mash-up the Smiths and the Misfits
  16. Haunted Head

    Let's talk about Bigmouth Strikes Again

    I remember being uncomfortable with the lyrics of this song when I started getting into the Smiths. Re-reading them as an adult, they're actually worse than I remember. This song is basically "I feel persecuted because you pointed out that I'm being an ass". Morrissey is a brilliant front man...
  17. greatrednorth

    'Near Perfect Pitch' weekly music podcast... this week featuring Boz Boorer (Aug. 26, 2016)

    THIS WEEK - EPISODE XVII - FEATURING AN INTERVIEW WITH BOZ BOORER For over 15 years, throughout the 1990s and 2000s, I hosted a radio show entitled 'Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet of Crisps'. Due to work commitments, amongst other things I had to vacate my Friday drive slot for the show some...
  18. FatGayVegan

    Rick Astley mentions The Smiths to Rolling Stone

    Music journalist Melinda Newman has interviewed 80s superstar Rick Astley for Rolling Stone following his sold out LA concert. During the interview, Astley mentions his love for The Smiths: Age has made me think I have to stop giving a shit what anybody else thinks and do exactly what I want...
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