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  1. novemberspawnedamozzer

    Brighton Moz do - 30th April

    The superb Smiths Indeed are playing at the Komedia this Friday!:guitar: The audience will be treated to a re-creation of Meat Is Murder in its entirety - yep, that's everything: The Headmaster Ritual, Rusholme Ruffians, I Want the One I Can't Have, What She Said etc etc - followed by a...
  2. A

    The smiths tribute band - the sons & heirs in nyc

    Celebrate Morrissey's Birthday with a Live performand by the Best "Smith's Tribute Band on the East Coast! A special night of all your favorite Smith's Songs and Morrissey Songs, live at the Legendary Pyramid Club in NYC. Join us after the show for the most awesome 80's Dance Party after...
  3. Chicago


    I'm selling my first edition paperback copy of Peepholism: Into the Art of Morrissey. The photos in this book are amazing. I have it listed on eBay. Thanks! :)
  4. F

    Half A Person to open in Melbourne, Australia

    For The Smiths and Morrissey fans in Melbourne, Australia, the sell out hit play "HALF A PERSON: MY LIFE AS TOLD BY THE SMITHS" will be playing from May 20th-30th, 2010. Further details at:
  5. V

    Andy Rourke in Las Vegas 4/17

  6. babe.rainbow

    wanted - the smiths vinyl

    if anyone has this they want to sell please pm meeeeee :)
  7. novemberspawnedamozzer

    Photos from Brighton Morrissey & The Smiths tribute night, November Spawned A Mozzer

    Hello We have posted some photos from our recent do (20th November) here: Come and have a peep, and why not join our Facebook Group while you're there? If you're desperate to find out who won the competition, entries have been judged...
  8. nowiknowhowjoanofarcfelt

    Getting The Smith's back in the charts

    Getting The Smiths back in the charts As contraversial as it may be, have you not been suprised that Smiths records haven't been remixed, remade or re-released recently? Although The Smith's aren't dead or anything, as you see with rap artists such as 2Pac, Notorious B.I.G countless of remixed...
  9. HousingOfficer

    The Smiths/Morrissey Convention

    Is there an annual Smiths/Morrissey Convention in the UK or does it take either Morrissey or Marr to die to get one established ? It would be very well attended if there was one.
  10. Jean Marais

    Unofficial youtube Smiths videos I love this song so made this unofficial video for 'Stretch Out And Wait'. Created using clips from 1950's education film 'The Outsider' - It probably won't last long on YouTube, I hope you all like it.
  11. novemberspawnedamozzer

    Brighton: Morrissey & The Smiths shindig - November Spawned A Mozzer

    Celebrating our fifth (Unhappy) Birthday! Technicolour Morrissey and The Smiths affair - disco, films, projections, spectacular decoration and delicious Mozcakes :guitar: Friday 20th November 10pm-3am The Loft, 10 Ship Street, Brighton BN1 1AD £3before 11pm/£5 afterwards You'd be MAD...
  12. mpmurr

    Any advice would be helpful

    I picked up three 12" LP Morrissey Bootlegs when I was in Australia years ago, maybe 93 or 94. I found them the other day behind a cabinet and would like them to go to a good home. Not sure what they're worth or whether I should put them on eBay, so any help would be appreciated. The albums...
  13. T

    Viv Nicholson on Vintage "Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now" Tee-Shirt

    I saw this tee on ebay a few years ago and decided not to purchase it because the collar was cut. Does anyone know where to find this shirt or one similar to it? It's one of the nicest Smiths shirts I've seen and I've been searching for one like it for years! At this point, I'd pretty much...
  14. DJ Steve E P

    CRYFEST - THE CURE vs THE SMITHS DANCE PARTY @ Black Cat 06/26/2009

    FYM Productions Presents: CRYFEST - The Crybaby Championship of the World! THE CURE vs THE SMITHS DANCE PARTY (The largest Cure/Smiths dance party in the US!) w/DJ Steve E P . Killa K . Krasty Mc Nasty Friday, June 26, 2009 @The Black Cat 9:30 pm 1811 14th St. NW WDC 20009...
  15. novemberspawnedamozzer

    MORRISSEY & THE SMITHS DISCO, Brighton, 15th May!

    November Spawned A Mozzer is back! Our 10th outing is a Birthday Special celebrating Morrissey’s upcoming 50th: Girlfriends in A Coma, Boys With a Thorn in their Sides and gladioli swingers all welcome, with prizes for the best Morrissey inspired outfits! Friday 15th May 2009 The Loft, Ship...
  16. B

    Andy Rourke -> new interview

    Just saw a nice clip with an interview with Andy Rourke (former bass-player for THE SMITHS) on a german Web-TV. See it here. The interview is hidden in the series called N.O.I.S.E. Effects... If this post is too much off-topic, I apologize...
  17. novemberspawnedamozzer

    Badges available - limited number left!

    Hi Still available - badges from November Spawned A Mozzer (Morrissey & The Smiths tribute party in Brighton) earlier this month - see attached photo: 'November Spawned A Mozzer' dark green background with pink text; 'Barbarism Begins At Hove' pale blue background with white text. Get in...
  18. R

    The Cure vs. The Smiths (CHICAGO)

    The Cure vs. The Smiths Neo 2350 N. Clark Thursday August 14 10pm - 12am 21 and over $5 cover (free before 11pm with ad from Chicago Reader) (followed by Atomic: New Wave Dance Party till 4am) winner of this match-up faces New Order or Erasure in the semi-finals. More info...
  19. doctor

    Your latest Morrissey/Smiths buy

    All music formats are supported(all vinyl,cd's,tapes,etc..) Also,shirts and books and other merch... It' would be nice to write the amountyou paid and condition of item,that can be very interesting... _______________________________________________________________ My latest buy: BOY RACER...
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