the queen is dead

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    Tim's Twitter Listening Party - "The Queen is Dead" with Mike Joyce (Sep. 12, 2020)

    On Saturday September 12th at 9pm, Tim Burgess's #TimsTwitterListeningParty will feature 'The Queen is Dead,' with commentary by Mike Joyce. Posted by Nobody of importance: Not sure if this has been posted yet, but here is a replay of the listening party in case you missed it live and want...
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    The Queen Is Dead Deluxe Edition vinyl box set cheap at Amazon UK

    The Queen is Dead deluxe vinyl boxset is currently only £17.15 at Amazon UK if you have Prime, otherwise it's £20.14. Link:
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  4. yasyas

    The Queen is Dead - German import

    anybody here own TQID the German import (vinyl)? what are the differences between this version and the others? will the lyrics be written in German, because this is mostly what am concerned about.
  5. ADAM

    There's a 24-hour news backout over a prominent UK death

    "The Queen is Dead, boys..."
  6. chase2209

    The Queen Is Dead green/yellow vinyl?

    I'm by no definition a proper record collector, I don't know much - so bear with me. I've got this The Queen Is Dead vinyl that's bright yellow and green, and funnily enough, all the tracks on side 1 are in the wrong order (it starts with I Know It's Over and ends with Frankly Mr Shankly). I'm...
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    The Queen Is Dead 30th anniversary exhibition

    Hey Everyone, We're hosting our very first exhibition, in celebration of the 30th anniversary of The Queen Is Dead. We will be presenting over 50 original artefacts, including one very special surprise piece that is sure to conjure up fond memories for anyone fortunate enough to have seen The...
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