team robby

  1. blue jag

    Excuse me Kewpie, but I am NOT and never have been a troll.

    I posted on Morrisseymusic for about a year, then had a relationship with someone off that forum.I joined solo under the same user name and I am an ardent Morrisey fan.OK, I may have been over zealous with my threads to begin with but I resent being called a possible troll or someone who may...
  2. The_Draize_Train

    the robby love thread

    show your love for robby here:sweet: - and before you choose cynicism, remember,what would nick drake think?
  3. cornelius blaze

    America, I do love you!

    what you love about America :) no offense to the other thread by scarlet :) post what you love & like about the U.S.A. Some of what i like/love & in no particular order:
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