1. kresnik2015

    Request: The Smiths/Morrissey songbooks?

    I'm trying to learn some songs so I decided to download some songbooks but they seems almost imposible to find! I already have 2 of them, louder than bombs and one of the Singles but I need more :( Can you guys share a link with me or something?
  2. B

    Asleep Piano Tabs

    Hello everyone! I know I'm new here but I am in dire need of some help. I've recently been having some problems with my significant other and I know that if I can learn to play this song on the piano, I can help get us back to where we need to be. I can't read sheet music, sadly, even though...
  3. G

    Suedehead Bass

    Hi, anyone out there has the accurate bass tab for Suedehead? Thanks! Gianpietro
  4. O

    Smiths on guitar blog

    I recently found out about the "Smiths on guitar" blog and I am very excited. It's very well organized and it contains official, scanned sheet music, not only tabs. Only a few songs aren't there ! It also has many covers of the songs, taken from youtube and recommended Smiths guitarists who have...
  5. Truman Capote

    You Should Have Been Nice To Me - Chords Request

    Could anybody help me with the chords of this song? I'm not a very good guitar player but I really need to sing this to somebody. Thanks in advance!
  6. libertine99

    some morrissey-covers

    hullo, sorry, im new here, hope thats the right section for this ^^ just if anyone's interested - a few covers Ive made (with a stupid drum-computer) (also I tried a "Morrissey-by-numbers"-song (You must die), I more or less failed though :) cheers, flo
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