t shirt

  1. A

    Glamorous Glue

    Where can I find the shirt Morrissey is wearing on the Glamour Glue album cover?
  2. headmasterritual2012

    The smiths - t shirt

    Just found this: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/THE-SMITHS-MORRISSEY-T-SHIRT-punk-rock-indie-Manchester-/171434327064?pt=UK_Men_s_T_Shirts&var=&hash=item27ea483c18 "Passed the Pub that saps your Body and the Church who´ll snatch your Money" Just a quick glance at Morrissey´s lyrical genius…...
  3. X

    looking for shirts

    If anyone has any moz shirts for sale size large please private/ message me or upload a pic i might be interested :) shirts im looking for are recently are : 1. morrissey throwing an orange shirt 2. morrissey moz is my shepherd shirt 3. morrissey fanny the wondercat shirt and if...
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