1. The Truth

    It's not about Sweden

  2. E

    Hannah Hirsch - “Åt helvete” (striking resemblance to “Nowhere Fast”)

    Just picked up this record from Reckless on Berwick St., London this afternoon for £2... for no reason other than I like Scandinavian music and this seemed the sort of edgy sleeve-art likely to hold a record I’d like... Anyways, long story short - according to Discogs, this is German vinyl...
  3. V

    Hultsfred Festival (Sweden), pre- and afterparty, 16th of July

    The pre- and afterparty for the Morrissey show at Hultsfred will be in the "Brown Area" just next to the main stage. Schedule: 18.45-19.45: The Never-Played Symphonies – b-sides, demos and related 21.00-22.00: The "He Knows I'd Love to See Him-set" – one hour before the show and we'll start...
  4. Elvez

    Labrador Records Spring Sampler 2009!!!

    One of, if not, thee best record company ever is giving away a free spring sampler! :guitar: http://www.labrador.se/news.php3?lab=090408.023441 "Where to start? After seven months of darkness we're starting to see the light and it comes in the form we call "Spring". We like it. And that...
  5. wilmamozzer

    Morrissey Swedish "tour"

    Morrissey playing in Stockholm And so finally Moz is coming to Stockholm. :D Does anyone know when and where you can buy the tickets?
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