1. SuedeMoz

    Suede Playing With Johnny Marr & Nadine Shah

  2. marred

    How good is this?

  3. SuedeMoz

    Suede Autofiction bonus tracks

    I was able to find the Autofiction bonus tracks on Youtube, does anyone have MP3 versions to share? The Prey Days Like Dead Moths The Sadness In You, The Sadness In Me Additionally, there's a bonus track on the Japanese Autofiction CD called "You Don't Know Me," you can hear a clip here...
  4. SuedeMoz

    Suede 'Autofiction' NME Review - 4/5

    Suede – 'Autofiction' review: indie icons reborn as "raw" and "nasty" punk rockers Not so deep on details, but looking forward to hearing the new album.
  5. SuedeMoz

    Suede and Manic Street Preachers Announce 2022 North American Tour

    The co-headlining trek takes place in the United States and Canada in November... NOVEMBER 3: VANCOUVER, Canada – PNE FORUM (The London Suede close) 5: SEATTLE, WA – NEPTUNE THEATRE (Manic Street...
  6. SuedeMoz

    RSD 22: 3 LP Set of Suede's Sci-Fi Lullabies

    Definitely plan to pick this one up...
  7. DrStatham

    Brett Anderson lyric themes

    Right, there are plenty of references in Suede lyrics to bestiality... So why isn't this discussed at all? Is this not weird to anyone else? I did a quick (wary) search to find anything, but there are no articles or forums that I can find that discuss why Brett Anderson has this strange...
  8. SuedeMoz

    Suede: The Insatiable Ones (Official Documentary)

    Well, this trailer was posted on YouTube in Nov - but I just saw it. I don't think it's been posted here. DVD preorder link is here:
  9. Mauricey

    Looking for a Suede ticket - Dramaten, Stockholm

    I completely missed that they are coming here and the show has sold out. :-/ Anyone happen to have a pare?
  10. SuedeMoz

    Preorder (Suede) "The Blue Hour" (CD/Vinyl/Box Set - Signed)

    Just got emailed about this ... here's the link to preorder signed copies of "The Blue Hour" on CD, vinyl or box set from the official store.
  11. SuedeMoz

    Suede - Don't Be Afraid If Nobody Loves You

    New Suede song - looks like this hasn't been posted yet. Not sure if this is actually the official video or just something put together to accompany the song.
  12. SuedeMoz

    Suede: The Blue Hour

    Wow, just found out about this ... new album, The Blue Hour coming September 2018.
  13. B

    Ready for the Floor (S&G), Manchester - 10th March '18 - New York Disco

    Hi guys Our monthly clubnight READY FOR THE FLOOR, hosted by the wonderful Star and Garter on Fairfield Street and home of the world famous Smiths/Morrissey Disco, returns on Saturday February 17th. This month, starting at 10pm, we will be having a special BLUR vs SUEDE clubnight, where we will...
  14. S

    Suede - The complete singles, B-sides & rarities (12 CD box set)

    Hi everyone, I hope the links to this collection will be available before the end of this week. Here's the list of the 209 tracks (12 CD's), including really hard to find stuff. Thanks to zedzombie for his help as well as my friend Joaquín, who also provided some songs to make this happen...
  15. The Seeker of Good Songs

    Suede to release comprehensive “Best of” compilation

    We originally reported back in January that the Suede reunion was a one-off, but who really believed that? They’d be crazy to ignore the almighty quid as it dangles in their faces. The UK rock band has not announced any shows in America, but will be touring Europe through at least December. In...
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