1. inkling23

    Strangeways road sign/Panic map prints and t-shirts

    Hello... Unofficial Strangeways road sign souvenirs... Print: Shirt, tote, etc: Cheeky Panic map souvenirs... Print...
  2. SuedeMoz

    Interview: Johnny Marr 1987 Strangeways, Here We Come

    Johnny Marr interview with a Los Angeles radio station a few weeks before the split of The Smiths. Very good info and one I had not heard before.
  3. SuedeMoz

    Article: ‘Strangeways, Here We Come’: Behind the Album That Broke The Smiths

    ‘Strangeways, Here We Come’ became The Smiths’ premature epitaph. Morrissey and Johnny Marr still feel it’s their best album.
  4. This Charming Bowie

    MOJO Magazine: Johnny Marr teases “Strangeways” box set (November Issue, number 336)

    ‘Meanwhile, Marr confirms rumours of a Strangeways, Here We Come box set are not unfounded’ “Yeah, there’s been some talk of a Strangeways box...particularly on that last album, what we were after sonically meant that the [work in progress] monitor mixes were a really good listen. They didn’t...
  5. T

    Smiths Strangeways green font poster

    I've seen it on Passionsjustlikemine but I was wondering if people know the story behind the poster. How many exist? Were they printed before or after the standard font colouring? I'd love to have one but am thinking odds of finding one are quite slim. Also, if someone wouldn't mind posting a...
  6. Alex_Smith

    25 years of Strangeways, Here We Come

    Hello, I share with you an special (in spanish) celebrating the 25th anniversary of The Smiths last album "STRANGEWAYS, HERE WE COME": Ale Kapacevich TYPICAL ME
  7. vivabob

    Smiths / Morrissey Table Quiz

    Our Smiths and Morrissey Disco "strangeways" has produced a little Quiz for the night (13.05.2011) , we thought you might like a little try please see the link below (while your there you can befriend us)...
  8. vivabob

    Strangeways - Scottish mini-bus

    The lovely nats suggested we put on a mini-bus for the scottish dates , probably not them all but dunoon and Hawick look like favourites. If you are interested , we will be looking to cover just the cost of the bus and driver, numbers depend on how many people are interested - we will be...
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