1. Mauricey

    Looking for a Suede ticket - Dramaten, Stockholm

    I completely missed that they are coming here and the show has sold out. :-/ Anyone happen to have a pare?
  2. W

    Swedish comrades, a nostalgia orgasm for you

    Moz - Arenan, Stockholm, Sweden 25.10.1999 (upgrade, without fade in/outs) Source: ? Taper: ? Quality: A- (good) Comment: The best Moz concert i've seen, great setlist. I did some work to get rid off the annoying fade in/outs in the beginning and end of the songs. In the original cd, Reader...
  3. Bigmouth

    Stockholm 24/6/09

    Hope this is appreciated. It haven’t been shown here yet, since I just downloaded from, hope its okay to share this. there isn't enough of bootlegs from the refusal-tour around here, but more of these will reach the surface eventually, I hope - enjoy! ;) MORRISSEY -...
  4. wilmamozzer

    Morrissey Swedish "tour"

    Morrissey playing in Stockholm And so finally Moz is coming to Stockholm. :D Does anyone know when and where you can buy the tickets?
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