southpaw grammar

  1. Dazza

    Kill Uncle and Southpaw Grammar - what ifs...

    Hiya - hope we're good. I've put these two albums together in the title as they seem to be regarded (in my view not altogether wrongly) as sort of 'career stopping' albums for Moz. Many of us have great affection for both Your Arsenal (probably his most consistent and complete album IMO) and I...
  2. DrStatham

    M's voice on Southpaw Grammar?

    Hi, I have often thought that M's voice on Southpaw Grammar sounded a bit ... off. Almost as if he had a bad throat or had recently suffered from a bad cold or something. I have heard the odd muttering that he did in fact have flu soon before recording but I cannot find a single source. So does...
  3. Hannelore Dieleman

    Southpaw Grammar (1995) on vinyl

    I am selling my Southpaw Grammar on vinyl (1995). It is in a good condition, only a slight tear at the side (see pics). It includes the limited edition booklet. I am shipping from Belgium.
  4. Uncleskinny

    Southpaw Grammar re-master plus bonus tracks

    Southpaw Grammar re-release - not long to go now... And still no news on the extras? Peter
  5. Theo

    Should Morrissey be allowed to change the album covers of old albums?

    I never liked how Morrissey put a brand new cover on the special edition of "Viva Hate." (It also disturbed me that the bonus tracks on that edition included Morrissey songs from an entirely different period of his solo career. This should also be forbidden.) It is my understanding he's...
  6. esperanza

    Southpaw release

    July 7th is the release date that's on the official site's store.
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