1. Optimistic Fool

    Favorite and least favorite songs on each of The Smiths albums (not including "Rank")

    You heard the title. This is a hard question, I know…. Here's my attempt: The Smiths, 1984 F: Reel Around the Fountain LF: Miserable Lie Meat is Murder, 1985 F: Rusholme Ruffians LF: Meat is Murder The Queen is Dead, 1986 F: Cemetry Gates LF: The Queen is Dead Strangeways Here We Come, 1987...
  2. J

    give me advice please

    Hi, i wrote this really short song/poem would like to have some peoples opinions please Disconnection concealing my thoughts, behind my modern day mask breaking down barriers of faces to face the deconstruction of barriers is the reconstruction of society the screens you so pathetically...
  3. O

    Least favourite songs from each Moz solo album?

    Done the thread of favourite songs off of each solo album, now how's about the worst? Whatsmore no bonus tracks. To get it started: Viva Hate:Margaret On The Guillotine Kill Uncle: Found Found Found Your Arsenal: You're The One For Me Fatty Vauxhall And I: The Lazy Sunbathers Southpaw...
  4. D

    2014 European tour setlist

    Hello, does anyone have any idea what the setlist for the gig on the 29th of Nov at the o2 is? Thanks demi
  5. gretchenraine

    Dedicate a song to Morrissey

    I did a search of the threads and found several to dedicate a song to other solo members but none to dedicate a song to Morrissey. I thought dedicating a song would be nice way to share your feelings for Mozzy while also expressing your own musical interests. Only rule: NO SMITHS OR...
  6. L

    Describe yourself using one band and song titles from that band.

    I nicked this off my friends blog... here are my answers (yeah bright eyes again, so what?) :) Choose a band/artist and answer only in song TITLES by that band:: Bright Eyes Are you male or female:: Amy in the white coat Describe yourself:: easy, lucky, free How do some people feel...
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