1. Gaetano

    Favourite Cover of a Morrissey/Smiths Song?

    What is your favourite cover of a Morrissey or Smiths song? Mine would probably be The Killers' version of "Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself". :)
  2. Thomas__Dunn

    It's a bit peculiar, but what is your favourite non-single, non-B side Smiths track?

    I've been curious as to what people's favourite 'album-exclusive' Smiths song is (a one that didn't appear as a single or B side.) Mine is Reel Around The Fountain. Here's a list of the songs, no doubt I've made a mistake so if so please correct me: Reel Around The Fountain You've Got...
  3. T

    I'm looking for the guitar tabs for "You're Gonna Need Someone on Your Side"

    Please can someone direct me to some guitar tabs for "You're Gonna Need Someone on Your Side." I have already found the bass tabs for it on but I need the guitar tabs for it. Thanks so much.
  4. HousingOfficer

    A Morrissey song that hasn't been written yet

    Any good ideas for a title to a typical Morrissey song?. My own effort............ "Lady to Ladette"
  5. gretchenraine

    Dedicate a song to Morrissey

    I did a search of the threads and found several to dedicate a song to other solo members but none to dedicate a song to Morrissey. I thought dedicating a song would be nice way to share your feelings for Mozzy while also expressing your own musical interests. Only rule: NO SMITHS OR...
  6. H

    Why The Static Setlist?

    In your opinion, why has Moz kept the setlist so static through this first part of the tour? We all know that the song selection on any given night or tour is all about the songs that he feels are speaking to him at the moment or just the ones he feels like performing. It seems like on past...
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