1. O

    The first stage invader?

    So I was watching the Smiths Derby show from December 6, 1983, and it occurred to me that this was probably the very first stage invader in the history of the Smiths and Morrissey, and an exuberant one at that: You can see him jump on stage at around 1:18... and note the look of surprise and...
  2. C

    Unreleased Demos & Instrumentals [Crazy-Col Re-Work]

    Hi Everyone. This is my first post. Great site loads of top stuff! Downloaded this amazing find yesterday. I was stunned!! Amazing Amazing!! However there was quite a bit of Vinyl "Noise" and hiss so i set about reworking it. The noise is now gone, the hiss is now at a listenable level...
  3. R

    Liverpool Smiths+Morrissey Disco: 8th October

    The next Panic! - Smiths + Morrissey Disco, Liverpool will take place once again at The Zanzibar Club on Seel Street on Friday 8th October 2010. DJ Tony will be spinning the best Smiths+Moz tunes from 10pm-2am, whilst the crowd dance and go wild! Where else would you be? Entry, £4...
  4. N

    Acoustic cover of 'Why Don't You Find Out for Yourself

    I'd like to share an acoustic cover I did of 'Why Don't You Find Out for Yourself'. See what you think....
  5. M

    To Morrissey

    Morrissey I know you go on Morrissey-Solo. I just want to thank you for everything you've done for me. I love you
  6. G

    The Smiths: The Queen Is Live

    I bring you one more album. This time, it's The Queen Is Dead made out of live tracks. I tried to find the highest quality and best sounding recordings to make this album out of. Tracklist (This should really go without saying): 1. The Queen Is Dead 2. Frankly, Mr. Shankly 3. I Know It's Over...
  7. G

    The Smiths: Nature's Trick - live compilation

    This is a compilation of live tracks (downloaded from YouTube XD) that I made a while ago. I no longer remember which songs are from which show, but it's a fairly good collection in any case. Tracklist: 1. Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others (12/12/86) 2. Hand In Glove (Moz mistakenly...
  8. O

    Smiths on guitar blog

    I recently found out about the "Smiths on guitar" blog and I am very excited. It's very well organized and it contains official, scanned sheet music, not only tabs. Only a few songs aren't there ! It also has many covers of the songs, taken from youtube and recommended Smiths guitarists who have...
  9. SomeTotallyRandomMozFan

    My Pix and Video From The L.A. Smiths / Morrissey Convention 6/20/2010

    Fun times tonight! Pix album here: Here's some video I took: Cheers, Jay
  10. DJ Steve E P

    Cryfest - The Cure vs The Smiths in Washington DC 7/2/2010

    FYM Productions Presents: CRYFEST - The Crybaby Championship of the World! THE CURE vs THE SMITHS DANCE PARTY (The largest Cure/Smiths dance party in the US!) w/DJ Steve E P . DJ Missguided . Killa K . Krasty McNasty Friday, July 2nd, 2010 @The Black Cat 9:30 pm 1811 14th St. NW...
  11. ianw

    Fri June 4th - Meat Is Murder special at HDIF in Brixton

    Hi everyone, I decided to hold off on doing our Meat Is Murder special in Feb as there seemed to be a few other events then (understandably, as that's the month the album originally came out). But I still wanted to mark the 25 year anniversary, so here's our special. Hope you can make it...
  12. R

    Moz Cartoon for Liverpool Smiths+Moz Disco

    My mate has been designing some cartoon posters based on Smiths songs to publicise our Liverpool Smiths+Moz Disco (Panic!) I think they are amazing! What you all think? We'll be giving away some of these on the night!
  13. W

    Moz pictures & videos

    Hello, Here's my Moz pictures & videos from 2004-2009, including Smiths related places in Manchester and live pictures. The videos are mainly from Refusal tour. The quality of pics and videos isn't the best, but good enough. Cheers Wiltteri
  14. H

    rare cds sale

    all reluctant sales : charming man both cds interview picture disc You're the one for me fatty single complete guide malady lingers on morrissey live Dallas maladjusted...
  15. H

    complete guide and peel sessions

    hello : ) i see others here link to auctions so here i go : The complete Guide to the music of the smiths morrissey and peel sessions cd...
  16. H

    rare cd and peculiar LP

    hello : ) I am reluctantly selling a few of my very rare Morrissey recordings, i cant beleive I'm doing it, but times are that tough. :( Highest offer wins over the next 2 weeks. finishes on Sunday 14th Feb 11.30pm. 1.Smiths- Genius steals- CD live album (recorded the night after the album...
  17. R

    Smiths+Morrissey Disco Liverpool

    The next Panic! Smiths+Morrissey Disco @ The Zanzibar Club, Liverpool will be held on Friday 26th February 2010 Live music from 7.30pm From The Indelicates, Bony Ghosts and Ragz, then Smiths+Morrissey Disco uninterrupted from 10pm - at least 1am (last time we were still on the...
  18. Lumpi

    Smiths...Best I & II limited edition wooden boxes

    Hi there, I decided to sell part of my Morrissey/Smiths collection, now I have these two Smiths...Best CDs for sale. They each come in a heavy wooden box containing the original Audio CD (never played) and booklet with unique handmade engravement on the top. Best I features Morrissey&Marr...
  19. totalester

    Smiths/Morrissey vinyl for sale

    Hi, due to a lack of space and having a small boy in the house, I've decided to sell my collection of Smiths/Morrissey vinyl. Here's a list of what I'm selling on eBay, let me know if you've got any questions. I’m throwing my arms around Paris 7” Redondo Beach / There is a light 7” I have...
  20. O

    I Won't Share You - 2009 Does anyone know if any other Smiths Tributes ever attempted to cover Golden Lights? I want to try it. Is this really the most unliked song recorded by The Smiths? What Smiths' song do you think is the most unpopular? o. :guitar:
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