1. M

    Smiths 24"X12" original posters - ex cond, The Boy, Shoplifters, Hatful 'latest version'

    Hi, I am selling 3 Smiths original posters 24"X12" from my personal collection. They are in Excellent Condition with no folds or rips, if any small flaw it barely visible. If interested please send offers by private message or send an email to [email protected] I can provide high quality photos...
  2. Robin Eaglewood

    Signed items

  3. Eustace Walks

    Queen Is Dead - Live Spotify singles fan artwork

    In the tradition of my supplying my own covers to this forum (and probably also, in the tradition of my posting things in the wrong places, for which I apologise), here's artwork I made to contain the 10 live singles released on Spotify last year in the run up to the QID deluxe set. The cover...
  4. Marco

    The eternal bands that have still to comeback

    Radio X site ranked the top 10 bands that have yet to comeback and our dear Smiths are top of the list. The info I was not aware was regarding the official Smiths twitter account. See here:
  5. M

    The Smiths original posters 24" x 12"

    The Smiths Original Posters on Condition; Mint or Near Mint Approx. Size: 12"x 24" £400 £300 £400 £350 More posters at
  6. Reggie Kray

    Smiths/Morrissey shirt collection

    Hello Everyone, I've a collection of t-shirts (mostly official) and wondered if we'd have a place to share what we have and photos of the shirts. I'm trying to track more down but it's not too easy here in the USA, and without great expense. Just wanted to share the photos here for a bit and...
  7. SomeTotallyRandomMozFan

    My pix and video from the L.A. Smiths and Morrissey Convention 4/29/2018

    My pix and video from the L.A. Smiths and Morrissey Convention 4/29/2018: Facebook Album Cheers, Jay
  8. T

    Sat 14 Apr - The Joneses at Water Rats in London

    Greetings Smithereens, Great news - more tickets are available for our upcoming show at The Water Rats in King's Cross at the end of the month, and we can reveal support will come from our friends Luminol. They are noisy, delicate, loud and quiet; with songs about dark nights of the soul and...
  9. B

    Johnny Marr on 'The First Time...' (BBC 6 Music, repeat)

    Web link: And the show description: The First Time examines the Mancunian maestro's earliest musical memories, his first fumbled grapplings with a guitar and his initial, and crucial, meeting with Morrissey leading to the formation of The Smiths. The...
  10. M

    The Smiths original posters on sale

    The Smiths Original Posters on Condition; Mint or Near Mint Approx. Size: 12"x 24" £400 £400 £350 £300 More posters at
  11. Cliff Gloom

    Feeling Gloomy: official 'England Is Mine' Night Sat 5 Aug

    To celebrate it's release on August 4th, Feeling Gloomy is delighted to be the official club tie-in for 'England is Mine'. Join us at The Phoenix, W1 this Saturday 5th August for a night of Smiths and Moz tracks plus a lovely selection of songs about, and from, this green and (un)pleasant land...
  12. Sister I'm a Poet

    Lovingly put-together Morrissey zine

    My friend bought the first two issues of this Morrissey zine and I was quite impressed by it. Here is the website where you can order copies: (Text from the website) "Two Light Ales Please" - A Smiths/Morrissey fanzine. 96 pages of Smiths/Morrissey...
  13. Sister I'm a Poet

    Stereogum critiques various covers of "There Is A Light..."

    This was posted on June 1 and seemed to have slipped through the cracks. It is interesting to see how some of the covers work better than others. Of course, covering a great song is sometimes harder to pull off than covering a mediocre one: how do you match the original? Gotcha Covered: “There...
  14. SomeTotallyRandomMozFan

    2017 L.A. Smiths and Morrissey Convention - pictures and video

    Pictures from the 2017 L.A. Smiths and Morrissey Convention (280 photos) - Facebook Video:
  15. M

    Original Smiths fanzine editor to sell his rare Smiths collection

    As the founder and editor of Smiths Indeed - the original Smiths fanzine from 1986 - I built up a phenomenal collection of Smiths vinyl and memorabilia, with many rare and unique items. Many of these rarities probably haven't appeared on the market before and may well be of interest to serious...
  16. parkorova

    Lyric connection?

    Apologies if this annoyingly dull, but I'm rereading Dale Carnegie's How To Win Friends and Influence People (forming a cult is all, let me know if interested) and came across a line I've heard in simpler terms. "Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain- and most fools do. But it takes...
  17. Cliff Gloom

    Sat 7th Jan - The Smyths 'Strangeways' & Smiths Special

    The World's premier Smiths tribute, The Smyths, are back at O2 Academy Islington this Saturday 7th January. 'Strangeways, Here We Come' is the album The Smiths never got to play live, having being released after the band had split. Using the 30th anniversary of the album's release, The Smyths...
  18. M

    Selling misspressed RTD25 (#141) - German multicoloured debut album

    Though it really hurts me... I'm selling this unique gem. Mispressed #141 RTD25. Condition : EXC Please msg me sensible offers to [email protected] Further info. :
  19. T

    Rare original 80's tshirts for sale

    I have 3 original 80's The Smiths t-shirts for sale on eBay. Grab them while you can... Links below
  20. A

    I want to make a live Smiths cd

    Hi everyone, So I want to make a batch of cds from a Smiths show to sell at local record stores. I know there has to be some sort of copyrights around the smiths live performances. Is there anyway to get around that? Should I just go for it and make them? What could some consequences be? Thanks...
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