1. F

    "Girlfriend in a Comma" - Original Artist’s hand-drawn Mechanics/Proof for the 7“/12“ single.

    Beautiful artist’s hand-drawn mechanics/proof for the 7"/12" single. For more info and more images of the different layers, click here: insta link To quote the link description:
  2. B

    The Singles

    Good afternoon. I am writing to you from Spain. I own all The Smits 7" vinyls in perfect condition with their plastic sleeves included. I accept offers I don't want to put on eBay, etc. or a thousand ads or anything like that, just for people who value vinyl and this group. If you are...
  3. Marco

    Spent The Day In Bed and Jacky Is Only Happy singles à venda no Brasil

    Se você está no Brasil confira as ofertas dos singles Spent The Day in Bed - Jacky Is Only Happy -...
  4. Murder At The Wool Hall

    Autographed Morrissey 7", Smiths 7" and handwritten envelope

    I am considering selling the following : Smiths - William It Was Really Nothing 7" in rare Whitelaw sleeve with rare solid centre - Cover autographed/scribed in black crayon by Morrissey Morrissey - Interesting Drug 7" with solid centre - Cover autographed in white crayon by Morrissey Card...
  5. DrStatham

    Spent the Day in Bed available on spotify

    A few days ago that link was posted ( where Spent the Day in Bed is reportedly available as of tomorrow... With all the talk of radio broadcasts people seem to have forgotten this, so is it still happening? Anybody...
  6. C

    Smiths and Morrissey 1983 -2007

    Fixed. Some songs weren't downloading so moving them into zip archives. 1983-1984 Sixteen, Clumsy, and 1985 - 1987 We Were The 1987 - 1990 The Safe Way Is the Only 1990 - 1991 Rockabilly 1992 - 1994 When the Pubs All 1995 - 1997 Sadly, This Was Your...
  7. M

    Plenty of original Morrisey CD singles for sale

    ...over a dozen of them: + one super rare Morrissey promo postcard
  8. M

    Selling Rares 7" & 12" The Smiths Singles - 20 Items

    Very Good Condition. If interested please email offers to [email protected] (also for getting pictures) . Thanks!!! 1 12" This Charming man 41-061 M Manch-Lond/Acc Yours.Won. w. Nuevos Medios (No smiths Cover) Spain 2 12" This Charming man RTT 136 NY NY/NY...
  9. M

    Favourite The Smiths 7" UK B-side

    Which is your favourite 7" UK B-Side? IMO it's "Please Please Please Let me get what I want?". And yours? Vote the poll at 1. Handsome Devil, Live at The Hac '83 2. Jeane 3. Back To the Old House 4. I Don't Owe You Anything, Sandie Shaw...
  10. M

    The Smiths most beautiful single art cover

    Results of The Smiths most beautiful single art cover Vote your favourite single cover of The Smiths! With just one click at The Smiths Single Cover Poll And once voted share it!!!
  11. S

    The Railway Children - The Complete Singles, B-Sides & Rarities

    Hi, I'll be sharing this collection too through this link: THE RAILWAY CHILDREN The Complete Singles, B-Sides & Rarities DISC 1 1. A GENTLE SOUND 2. CONTENT 3. DARKNESS & COLOUR 4. A GENTLE SOUND [12’’ VERSION] 5. BRIGHTER...
  12. S

    Unbelievable Truth - The Complete Singles, B-Sides & Rarities

    Hi, I'll be sharing this collection here via .torrent during the following month: DISC 1 1. BUILDING [7’’ VERSION] 2. TOO MANY THINGS TO LEARN 3. STONE 4. FINEST LITTLE SPACE 5. ROADSIDE #1 6. TYRE TRACKS 7. HIGHER THAN REASON...
  13. ExclamationPoint

    Can you help me find a particular review of Hand in Glove

    Hey, board! I'm trying to find something I once read about "Hand in Glove" -- a review, an article about the first album, something. It made an argument that the the single wasn't as much of a hit as Morrissey thought it should be when it first came out, so through live performance, Peel shows...
  14. D

    Missing CD singles

    Hi, Does the shoplifters of the world, Girlfriend in a coma and i started something exist in a CD single version? I know that they are available in 45"s format but I´m looking for the CD´s. Anybody knows something? I just can´t find them anywhere on the internet. Cheers,
  15. S

    THE WEATHER PROPHETS - The Complete Singles, EP's & B-Sides

    Hi, another great band who deserved better luck back in the 80's. Pete Astor's The Weather Prophets created some sublime pop gems for Creation Records between 1985 and 1988. The full tracklist to this 2-CD set, 27-track compilation is: CD 1 ALMOST PRAYED YOUR HEARTBEAT BREATHES THE...
  16. S

    Lemonheads - The Complete Singles, B-Sides & Rarities

    Hi, here's the link to the brilliant collection of The Lemonheads' Complete Singles, B-Sides & Rarities: The full tracklist to this 4-CD collection is here: CD 1 1. Glad I Don’t Know 2. I Like To 3. I Am A Rabbit 4. So I f***ed Up...
  17. S

    Aztec Camera - The Complete Singles, B-Sides & Rarities

    Hi It's time for another great band from the 80's who deserved a better luck. I agree that Roddy Frame's songs got worse from the second album onwards but anyway he wrote many, many great songs all through his career. This time I've haven't been able to locate just 6 songs. In fact is just...
  18. S

    Prefab Sprout - The Complete Singles, B-Sides & Rarities

    Hi, this is not just another collection, but the work of one of the most underrated bands ever. Yes, I'm one of those weird fans of Mr. Paddy MacAloon, one of the most prolific writers in the world, with more than... 30 unreleased albums in the last 25 years!! The tracklist to this 103...
  19. S

    The Stone Roses - The Complete Singles, B-Sides & Rarities

    Hi, this is what the Roses' reunion leads us to do... In this collection, as I'm concerned, there are only five tracks missing: Begging You [Cox's Ultimatum Mix] 1995 UK 12'' Promo Begging You [Overworld Mix] 1995 UK 12'' Promo Begging You [Chic Edit] 1995 UK Promo CD Begging You [Radio Edit]...
  20. S

    The Jesus and Mary Chain - The Complete Singles, B-Sides & Rarities

    Hi everyone, here's, at last, a long time wished collection of The Jesus And Mary Chain catalogue, including all their singles, almost every B-Side and rarities from 1983 to 2011. Having bought the Edsel reissues of TJ&MC, I've only had to search from some rare promos or US editions which...
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