1. billybu69

    Anonymous posting

    Apologies if this has been raised before, but i really think it's time anonymous posting was banned on this site. Make people log in and make them responsible for what they say.This site is getting a bit of a reputation as a negative place to be and the reason is all the cowards who rant away...
  2. troubleluvsme

    2010 Celebrity Death Pool

    Make your picks for which celebrities will die in 2010. The rules are simple: a) the person must be a celebrity "now" and not become a celebrity because of their death b) the person cannot be a death row inmate c) you cannot kill anyone on your list d) the celebrity cannot be...
  3. vicarinatutugal

    Random Pictures

    Got the idea from lj.. just what the title says, any pic you like stick it here. :guitar: just omg! beer belly. :sick: *giggles*
  4. Not Right in the Head

    Pete Burns splits from his husband of 10 months

    He says he preferred being married to a woman, because men are "too predatory:" With his ex-wife:
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