1. Witwenblume

    Selling signed mint Years of Refusal LP, Luxembourg show 2009

    Hey, I haven't been here for a while - I am considering selling my signed, mint and never played "Years of Refusal" LP. How much do you reckon I could get for it and is anyone on this forum interested? It is btw from the Luxembourg gig, 5 June 2009. I am posting several photos on here if...
  2. K

    Apollo London 20/09/15 & 21/09/15 stall standing ticket for sale

    I have spare tickets for both Morrissey London shows: 3 tickets for Sunday 20th September - London Eventim Apollo STALL STANDING ==> 66 GBP each ticket 1 ticket Monday 21st September - London Eventim Apollo STALL STANDING ==> 66 GBP PM if interested. I will be attending the show, so I can...
  3. J

    Show off your collection

    I tought it would be great to have a thread where you can post your collection (or at least a part of it) no matter which music format or artist. So feel free to post images of your treasures. Exiciting background stories or detailed statements desirable. To get started, that's my small...
  4. M

    Morrissey Night @Hully Gully Dec.5th -Moz fans unite

    Morrissey cancelled his show at INDIO but there is still a place to go and party, dance and drink to Morrissey TONIGHT!!!! TONIGHT Saturday December 5th MORRISSEY NIGHT @Hully Gully 2 Rooms $3 ANY BEER $2 Shots 8 DJ's 2 Fully Stocked Bars 2 Dance Floors FREE Parking MORRISSEY...
  5. mozcar78

    FS: 2 Las Vegas Tix for $100 - Dec 4th

    yes you read right. I have two las vegas tickets, that i cannot attend, for 100 bucks. So any of you who are looking for a deal. This is it. Two hard tickets BS free. Ill take paypal as well or cash if we meet up. I am in SoCal for any of folks who care. oz 562-760-7024 total fees render...
  6. I

    Cameras at Morrissey shows

    Are they allowed usually? Particularly hollywood bowl as i am crossing my fingers so i can fly from Arkansas to see of you nice posters should hold my camera as I stage invade:)
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