1. N

    Jack Black as Gulliver

    Swift is the epitome of high brow humour. Jack Black is about as unsubtle as it gets. How the hell did this happen? I'm scared.
  2. Helen Bach

    In my cheese & opinonion

    Fireworks scare babies.
  3. baltimoz

    What are rules of Moz tour travel?

    #1-- Do not book a pre-paid room from or others, UNLESS you would absolutely LOVE to go to that particular city at that time of year without the Mozzer. #2--Do not book a non-refundable flight to a Morrissey show. In fact, plan to drive (or take the subway) to any Morrissey...
  4. theneverplayedsymphony

    Why is General Discussion so shit these days!?

    Has anybody noticed how dull it's gotten? I don't even bother with it anymore! Any ideas why it's shit!?
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