1. my angel

    my angel

  2. Pervomartovtsi

    I'm going to Bolivia

    for a bunch of weeks, to feel the fresh air of the mountains, and the coke and sheep shit and the deer shine on me crazy diamond
  3. SparkleBoy

    Gay or Not? The Last Rock 'N Roll Poll. he?
  4. L

    FAO Nugz (and other discerning females): Conor frinkage

    This is my favourite one EVER. I've got more, but this was just to kick off. :D
  5. D

    Which Era Was Morrissey At His Sexiest?

    I'm sure this has been done before but I want to get an updated account from you all. Make sure to post your proof. Personally, Morrissey is at his most handsome phase during his Kill Uncle era. He's just too good looking.
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