1. This Charming Bowie

    Best/worst Morrissey show closers?

    Since we discussed what people thought were the best/worst show openers a few days ago, it seemed natural to follow it up with people's favourite/least favourite show closers. This can mean both final songs in the main set, as well as the last song of the encore. Personally, although classics...
  2. SuedeMoz

    Poll Riot Fest Setlist Predictions?

    I think it would be a good opportunity for Morrissey to play more hits... but I'm guessing it won't vary much from the Vegas shows. What do you think?
  3. S

    Unexpected songs to return?

    I wholeheartedly welcome Sunny" / "William.." "Break Up the Family" "Hairdresser on Fire" "Is it Really so Strange?" and the inclusion of "Dial a Cliché"! I don't think many expected any of those songs to appear out of nowhere like that! I never thought he would do "Sunny" ever again, it seemed...
  4. S

    What songs should return?

    After seeing that "Glamorous Glue", "I Started Something...", "I'm Not Sorry" and "Hold On To Your Friends" have all been introduced on this tour as well as the new tracks, giving hope that Moz may start to once again pick through his back catalogue, what songs would everyone love to see live...
  5. S

    What songs for next tour?

    Assuming a tour will be held next year, apart from new tunes (fingers crossed) what songs would you love to come back into the set, seen as the 'WPINOYB' tour has come to a close and the set needs a freshen up. I would personally love to hear • A Rush and a Push and The Land Is Ours • A...
  6. danieldwilliams

    New tour possible setlists? More of the same or a change?

    Anyone care to throw possible setlist ideas out there for the upcoming few dates, reckon it'll be a continuation of the previous tour's setlists, or a relatively new one?
  7. danieldwilliams

    Future setlist changes - September dates?

    Anyone thinking there'll be some more setlist changes before the concerts in England? Like someone has mentioned, different style posters have been produced for the Sep+ dates than the current yellow shirt ones. Does this mean the WP tour is over? Does this mean set changes? Or does this...
  8. D

    2014 European tour setlist

    Hello, does anyone have any idea what the setlist for the gig on the 29th of Nov at the o2 is? Thanks demi
  9. York Setlist

    York Setlist

    25/06/2011 York Setlist
  10. H

    Why The Static Setlist?

    In your opinion, why has Moz kept the setlist so static through this first part of the tour? We all know that the song selection on any given night or tour is all about the songs that he feels are speaking to him at the moment or just the ones he feels like performing. It seems like on past...
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