1. The Seeker of Good Songs

    Ticketmaster And Live Nation Agree To Merge

    Feb. 10 (Bloomberg) -- Live Nation Inc. and Ticketmaster Entertainment Inc., the largest companies in live music, agreed to merge and began a defense against antitrust concerns raised by lawmakers, consumer groups and Bruce Springsteen. Shareholders in each company will own about...
  2. Uncleskinny

    Sub-forum rules: please read this

    If you see anything in this sub-forum you don't like, are offended by, or think others might be, don't bother complaining or reporting it because no one will take any notice. That's what this place is for - the stuff you and others might not like. Peter
  3. L

    The Daily Mail Thread

    I am making this on behalf of MLE who is in love with The Daily Mail. We were only brought together because we are closet Nazis/racists/homophobes/ women haters. Our love of Moz is all a cover! Not a day goes by when we don't discuss Littlejohn or Platell. My friend came round and was frankly...
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