sandie shaw

  1. Giant

    Smiths double CD There Is A Light & Jeane w Sandie Shaw limited pressing 19137

    Hello Smiths/Morrissey Folks Bought this back in the late 90’s. I’m almost certain off a collector here on Morrissey-solo when it was in it’s infancy stages. It’s over 20 years ago forgive me, can’t recall the guys name…Anyway, I just took it out of storage. I don’t know much about it...
  2. G

    Morrissey, Marr & Sandie Shaw

    I don't think this has been posted. On her new (Nov 2009) website homepage is a video of Hand In Glove with The Smiths, Sandie in a red leather outfit alongside a vintage red car. Pictures in Iconography of Morrissey and Marr etc A young(ish) Morrissey interview about Sandie in the Channel...
  3. sistasheila

    Sandie Shaw wrote lengthy about Moz in her book(scans)

    sandie did wrote lenghty about moz in her book"world at my feet" about the viva hate recordings her meet up with moz ,etc etc very nice read.i have scanned the moz parts 2 years ago it has been released in 88 so some of you may have that book but for those you dont-here it is. parts of it...
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