1. Salfordladmke

    Morrissey/Salford Lads Club Tribute T-Shirt

    The Salford Lads Club is our loving tribute to The Smiths and Morrissey. Printed on NEXT LEVEL or BELA + CANVAS T-shirt. You'll be remarkably dressed in this high quality stitch to wear. Each order includes: 1) High Quality T-Shirt 2) Salford Lads Club Stickers 1) Salford Lads Club Tacky Badge...
  2. S

    Morrissey's 50th Birthday @ Salford Lads Club

    Hiya. We did a mini-doc of Morrissey's 50th birthday celebrations at the Salford Lads Club in Ordsall last week if you want to have a look :) Youtube link here...
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