1. Marco

    Spent The Day In Bed and Jacky Is Only Happy singles à venda no Brasil

    Se você está no Brasil confira as ofertas dos singles Spent The Day in Bed - Jacky Is Only Happy -...
  2. D

    Hand-made wall-hanging ceramic Morrissey ~ The Smiths sculpture for sale

    Hi guys, I'm a sculptor working around the Brighton area, and a huge Morrissey fan. A few months back I made a complete Morrissey bust for a friend, and it turned out so well I cast it in plaster of paris, and I've recently began to make some wall-hanging Morrissey heads from it. At the moment...
  3. M

    Plenty of original Morrisey CD singles for sale

    ...over a dozen of them: + one super rare Morrissey promo postcard
  4. S

    2x The Smiths Complete Deluxe Collector's Edition Box on sale

    Hi everyone! I'm a huge Morrissey fan and, as this is my first message, I'd like to thank the entire community for making this place so wonderful (i read you almost every week). But I'm writing this message to tell you that I'm currently selling my 2 Smiths Complete Deluxe Collector's...
  5. I

    Need advice on selling my beloved Smiths/Morrissey 7" collection

    The only thing in this world that I have of value is my Morrissey/Smiths 7 inch collection (which I've slowly been working on for about 12 years now). Being a middle-aged struggling student, husband, and college student has forced me to suck it up and sell this collection so that I can pay the...
  6. W

    Morrissey - Bakersfield, CA - May 25th 2012 - PIT Tickets, Row D (3rd Row)

    Hi - planning on selling my two tickets to the Bakersfield, CA - show on 5/25 - thought I should give real Morrissey fans a shot at the tickets before I list online - Two tickets, together, PIT - Row D - which is actually the 3rd row from the stage! Can't make it out to this show on the 25th so...
  7. H

    rare cd and peculiar LP

    hello : ) I am reluctantly selling a few of my very rare Morrissey recordings, i cant beleive I'm doing it, but times are that tough. :( Highest offer wins over the next 2 weeks. finishes on Sunday 14th Feb 11.30pm. 1.Smiths- Genius steals- CD live album (recorded the night after the album...
  8. G

    1 main floor ticket for sale - Seattle

    Hi fans, I have an amazing ticket for the Seattle show that I can't use. If I have to miss the show I hope somebody on this forum can take my ticket. $82.00 (face value) - G
  9. R

    2 Standing Swindon tickets for sale.

    Hi, I've got 2 standing tickets for the Swindon concert on Saturday the 24th of October for sale. I can't go to it so I'm just looking to recover the money I spent on them. To buy both of them will be £85, or to buy them singly will be £45 each. PM me if you're interested.
  10. R

    Swindon standing tickets for sale £40 each

    Hi, I bought 3 standing tickets for the Swindon gig on Saturday 24th October and our group can't go, so I need to sell them. Not looking to make £££, just recover the money I spent. If anyone's interested leave a post or PM me. Cheers.
  11. Mozzza

    Would like to buy any Morrissey/The Smiths vinyl records

    Just wondering if anyone has any Smiths/Morrissey Vinyl Records for sale/have any they would be willing to sell.... 7", 12", Singles, LP's....interested in them all :) Thanks.
  12. AuntCharlotte

    Standing Ticket for the Troxy- make me an offer

    Hi all, I have a ticket for the Troxy show (now scheduled for 18th July). I was in London in may for numerous shows (all cancelled). Basically- I can't afford to come back and use this ticket- so I'm trying to sell it. Would like to sell on here and not have to pay ebay fees. Please keep...
  13. B

    Selling 1 or 2 tix for sold out Boston show

    Hi I have two GA tickets for the sold out Boston show at the new House of Blues - I can't attend and will sell the pair or one ticket. They cost me $54.50 a piece, which I'd like to get, but will consider offers. Email me at [email protected]. Thanks
  14. I

    2 For Sale for Philadelphia

    I'm selling two tickets for the Morrissey concert in Philadelphia on March 22nd. Was going to drive up from New York for the show but a few financial and vehicle issues came up. Now I'm selling the tickets. Row EE. Two seats together. I can fedex it to you. I accept paypal. I"m in New York...
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