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  1. Maccabee

    Odds are Brand/Perry to name baby "Morrissey"?

    Betting folk lay odds that rumored Brand/Perry spawn to be named Morrissey...
  2. Uncleskinny

    Katy Perry & Russell Brand - the game's up, and it's down to Morrissey

    Article here, and Twitter quote from Katy Perry... 'After a week in magical Thailand I'm ready to face the real world again. Been schooled on Morrissey, Oscar Wilde & Peter Sellers... inspired.' Peter
  3. King Leer

    Special Ed. DVD -- Hilarious (spoilers!)

    Just watched the DVD included with the special edition (see attached screen grabs). You've seen some of the clips online. It's a three-camera HD shoot in Russell's very nice abode, whose previous residents included Diana Ross and Bette Davis. Other topics include meat (they're sitting on...
  4. Mars_Rover

    Russell Brand discusses Moz on the Tonight show last night

    I don't know if this show was a re-run or not -- my apologies if this has already been discussed -- but Russell Brand was a guest on Jay Leno's "The Tonight Show" last night. He mentioned that his cat is named Morrissey. Jay said, "Oh like the singer? I take it you're a fan. Have you met him."...
  5. madathena

    Russell Brand, Lindsay Lohan and Moz

    Saw this on ohnotheydidn't: WHEN lothario Russell Brand stretched his black kaftan wings and flew Stateside we knew things were about to change. But we weren’t expecting this. The reformed junkie, who went to rehab hoping...
  6. Mel_Torment

    Moz at Russell Brand gig tonight

    I'm surprised no one has discussed this yet. I'm betting this thread will be merged or moved. :p Anyroad, I saw Morrissey in a booth/table at the Roxy tonight. S. was to his left (shielding him from the hoi polloi as usual), Jesse to his right. Next to Jesse was a dark haired chica who seemed...
  7. mozmal

    Russell Brand Interview 12/4/08

    Here's an edited version of the Russell Brand Show from last night - this is just the interview with our Moz.
  8. virtually dead

    Morrissey on BBC Radio 2?

    Russell Brand says he's coming to his show, he's on the 4th floor apparently, but it might not be true Someone called 'Marrrk' told me about it. you can listen and see if it's true on the bbc website
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