1. ExclamationPoint

    Can you help me find a particular review of Hand in Glove

    Hey, board! I'm trying to find something I once read about "Hand in Glove" -- a review, an article about the first album, something. It made an argument that the the single wasn't as much of a hit as Morrissey thought it should be when it first came out, so through live performance, Peel shows...
  2. M

    post 'Official' reviews of Swords

    None in this month's music mags which is v unusual considering the release date. However, one has just appeared on the BBC website. The three standout songs are considered to be Christian Dior, Shame is the Name, and ... Sweetie Pie! "In 21 years of...
  3. Marco

    Morrissey's YOR release on Brasil (Veja Magazine)

    As sent on News section, here is the scan of the magazine for those interested on it and the translation for english. Hope Morrissey comes to Brasil on this tour... last time of incredible gigs was in 2000. He has a very strong fan base here, so he should come. cheers, Marco. "In the 80's...
  4. zepfan1

    People Magazine gives YOR 4 1/2 stars out of 5

    :DFYI I was glancing through the latest People magazine and Morrissey is the Critic's Choice this week for Years of Refusal. They gave it a 4.5 out of 5 I do believe. Sorry, that is all of the information I have- I will try and get the full article soon. :D
  5. T

    YOR review in The Daily Mail

    4 out of 5. The gladioli-waving bedsit poet of old has transformed himself into a brawny rock statesman on recent albums, and Years Of Refusal continues the process. Morrissey's latest backing band imbue some darkly humorous songs with a little too much bluster, but his old deftness...
  6. A

    Irish Independent YOR Review 3 out of 5

    As comebacks go, Morrissey's was pretty special. His creativity seemed to have dried up at the end of the 90s/beginning of the 00s and he found himself without a record label. So when You Are The Quarry, his first album in seven years arrived in 2004, many were taken aback by the strength and...
  7. A

    Irish Times YOR Review 4 out of 5

    MORRISSEY Years of Refusal Polydor **** He’s had to tolerate accusations of miserablism throughout his career, but most detractors confuse cheerlessness with Morrissey’s talent for articulation. As he approaches 50, the Mancunian is as proficient as ever at expressing his feelings on...
  8. T

    YOR review in The Daily Mirror

    2 out of 5 Quick summary: He's turned into a whinger. Get over yourself Morrissey.
  9. T

    YOR review in The Sun

    3.5 out of 5. Quick summary: By anyone else's standards, this is a great album. But Morrissey can't reach the heights of The Smiths and needs Marr.
  10. chasingtheblue

    YOR Review in The Times

    Apologies if this has already been posted elsewhere in the forums, I've not seen it anywhere. Pretty negative for a 3 star review, and includes some absolute nonsense equating SISMS with...
  11. I

    The Guardian reviews "Years of Refusal"

    Pile of toss review, in my opinion... Friday 13 February 2009 Morrissey: Years of Refusal (Decca) 3 out of 5 The last time we encountered Morrissey - on record at least - he was indulging in the most unMorrissey-like of activities: getting his leg over in Rome. Song after song on...
  12. M

    Paris review in Heat and Planet Sound

    Well, that all important Heat review has come in! Paris, they claim, is Morrissey's 'best single in years'. Channel 4's Planet Sound says; 'Romantic in both its content and orchestral arrangement, rarely has Morrissey sounded so confident and content - proof that, after the ho-hum Tormentors...
  13. Uncleskinny

    Less than glowing review of 'Paris'

    In The Guardian. Peter
  14. D

    YOR reviewed in Blender Magazine

    Years of Refusal is reviewed in new Blender..March 2008 Not on website yet so I'll type it out for you. Give me a few minutes. *Also, this was a nice find on the Blender website* Every Original CD Reviewed: The Smiths/Morrissey
  15. T

    "Years Of Refusal" review in Uncut - March 2009 - it's a good 'un!

    4 out of 5. Phew! - I was expecting a 2 or 3. Neil Young on cover (as always!) Small mention of Morrissey on front cover. YOR isn't the main album review (that goes to Springsteen) but it is classed as one of the main 10 - he gets a full page with a nice photo taking up about a third of the...
  16. T

    "Years Of Refusal" review in MOJO magazine - March 2009

    Nick Cave on (dark red) cover. No mention of Moz review on cover. Almost 1 page devoted to YOR review - a new (I think) photo of Moz takes up half of the page + writing fills the rest of the page (so not a very big review). An average 3 out of 5 is given. I've only had a quick glimpse but it...
  17. David

    SPIN review of Years of Refusal

    "Mayor of Mope is Back for Another Term" Pop music doesn’t allow for many third bites at the apple, but here’s Stephen Patrick Morrissey’s chomping away. It’s the Dr. Dre career path: Both led epoch-defining groups, both sustained smart, healthy solo careers that collapsed with a thud in the...
  18. T

    "Years Of Refusal" review in Q magazine March 09

    Just had a quick glimpse of the new Q (March 2009 issue - I think The Killers are on the front cover but could be wrong)... 2-pages devoted to YOR (1 page of review writing, 1 page new photo of Morrissey's face). It's their lead review and is also mentioned on the front cover. They give...
  19. M

    Reviews of 'Years of Refusal'

    Thought this topic deserved its own thread. Here is what appears to be the first review of the new album (which I've cut and pasted from the tracklisting thread): _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Report from the new Morrissey disc There, now are all the parts for tomorrow's...
  20. M

    Reviews of the Hyde Park concert

    I've seen a few floating around including a good, if brief, one on Channel 4's teletext this morning. Here's a nice one off 'Gigwise'. And now for the Moz; it’s vintage, quite...
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