1. D

    dynamic compression Morrissey remasters - which are the most authentic in terms on sound quality

    Hi, I'm new to the forums, but I thought this be the place to vent my frustration. Right, I have collated everything Morrissey has done including old and new remasters, but I am after the definitve masters - for instance the original Bowie RCA cds in the 80's are highly regarded compared...
  2. S

    Did Morrissey authorise the new remaster albums?

    Did Morrissey authorise the new remaster albums or is this just his old record companies making a fast buck without his permission? Thanks! Simon
  3. Leah


    Mozbox - Or How We Stopped Worrying And Created A Career Retrospective. I'm currently indulging in the creation of a Morrissey boxset containing EVERYTHING officially released, all wrapped up in an erratic package similar to the recent Beatles and Lennon cash-cows. Mine will be better...
  4. joe frady

    The Sound of 'Bona Drag' {Redux}

    I've had it on repeat for a couple of days now. I have to say, the re-master is astonishing: Bill Inglot and Dan Hersch have done a sterling job. (Amongst an endless list of previous projects they worked with Morrissey on his Jobriath compilation) It's most definitely not just a case of cranking...
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