1. I

    Years of Refusal Signed LP

    I have a #1 signed record with #stamp on back of sleeve, signed on front of course. I am looking to sell it as well as a signed poster framed...Send me an offer, you just never know....
  2. J

    Show off your collection

    I tought it would be great to have a thread where you can post your collection (or at least a part of it) no matter which music format or artist. So feel free to post images of your treasures. Exiciting background stories or detailed statements desirable. To get started, that's my small...
  3. M

    Record Collector top 100 collectibles

    A few years ago I put up a comparison of the 1992 and 2005 Record Collector articles on my geocities site. However, that site got zapped a while back. I've finally got round to redoing the list and I've added in the 1988 and 2011 articles for good measure...
  4. Alex_Smith

    Req: Record Collector, June 2003

    I've tried to download what Dave2006 posted in this thread but the links are dead. Could anyone repost this article, especially the one with the Secret Songwritting Influences? Thanks in advance...
  5. Uncleskinny

    Louder Than Bombs - Off The Record

    Two kids in high school - these uniforms don't come cheap, hence the sale of this book - the rarest Smiths book of them all. Happy bidding. You can PM with questions, or just ask via Ebay. Bye for now, Peter
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