1. F

    "Girlfriend in a Comma" - Original Artist’s hand-drawn Mechanics/Proof for the 7“/12“ single.

    Beautiful artist’s hand-drawn mechanics/proof for the 7"/12" single. For more info and more images of the different layers, click here: insta link To quote the link description:
  2. DrStatham

    Ringleader of the Tormentors Chinese unofficial release (cat. dsd-1570)

    Hello, I am trying to buy the unofficial Chinese CD release of Ringleader of the Tormentors, catalogue number 'dsd-1570'. I am in the UK and have tried Discogs (not allowed to be sold on there) and ebay (can't find it). So can anybody give me any pointers as to where I may find it? Cheers
  3. Robin Eaglewood

    Signed items

  4. B

    *mod - please delete*

    *mod - please delete*
  5. David Talaga

    Nearly complete Morrissey CD collection

    Hello, I am thinking about letting my Morrissey cd collection go. I have just about everything he has put out including all box sets and 6 bootlegs. You can see the whole collection here. As far as how much I want for this whole collection I wouldn't even know where to start. Any suggestions
  6. Murder At The Wool Hall

    Autographed Morrissey 7", Smiths 7" and handwritten envelope

    I am considering selling the following : Smiths - William It Was Really Nothing 7" in rare Whitelaw sleeve with rare solid centre - Cover autographed/scribed in black crayon by Morrissey Morrissey - Interesting Drug 7" with solid centre - Cover autographed in white crayon by Morrissey Card...
  7. STLSmithsMozFan84

    Ultimate Smiths collection for the walls in my house

    Hey so I'm looking at starting to buy a complete collection of Smiths and Moz albums/cds/etc to frame and put on the walls of my house. If anyone has any that's signed by the whole band (already framed or just the album/cd) just shoot me a pic of it and a price please!
  8. Gaetano

    Morrissey/Bowie Cosmic Dancer?

    Does anyone know where I can download the full video footage of the David Bowie and Morrisey performance of "Cosmic Dancer"? I know it exists somewhere since some of it was included in "The Importance of Being Morrissey" documentary. Thanks! :)
  9. M

    Original Smiths fanzine editor to sell his rare Smiths collection

    As the founder and editor of Smiths Indeed - the original Smiths fanzine from 1986 - I built up a phenomenal collection of Smiths vinyl and memorabilia, with many rare and unique items. Many of these rarities probably haven't appeared on the market before and may well be of interest to serious...
  10. M

    Selling misspressed RTD25 (#141) - German multicoloured debut album

    Though it really hurts me... I'm selling this unique gem. Mispressed #141 RTD25. Condition : EXC Please msg me sensible offers to [email protected] Further info. : http://www.musicpriceguide.com/9026/THE-SMITHS-THE-SMITHS-RARE-GERMAN-12-MULTI-COLOURED-LP-No-141-MISPRESS-.html
  11. T

    Rare original 80's tshirts for sale

    I have 3 original 80's The Smiths t-shirts for sale on eBay. Grab them while you can... Links below https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/131885900799
  12. M

    The Smiths & Morrissey Books – Great Price

    The Smiths & Morrissey Books – Great Price at http://thesmiths.cat/shop/The-smiths-Morrissey-books ! Those Charming Men - PART I: January 1983-Early 1985 : £39 ~ 59$ ~ 51€ Published in 1985 Paperback: 64 pages, 21cm x 29,5 cm aprox. (7,5" x 11" ) Rare book featuring media articles...
  13. M

    'Hatful Of Hollow' Original Promo Poster

    Hatful of Hollow "New Release" Original Promo Poster, November 1984 ! Now £175.00 at http://thesmiths.cat/shop/Hatful-the-Smiths-poster Condition: Very good except for the fold marks.
  14. M

    Selling Rares 7" & 12" The Smiths Singles - 20 Items

    Very Good Condition. If interested please email offers to [email protected] (also for getting pictures) . Thanks!!! 1 12" This Charming man 41-061 M Manch-Lond/Acc Yours.Won. w. Nuevos Medios (No smiths Cover) Spain 2 12" This Charming man RTT 136 NY NY/NY...
  15. M

    Selling my rare French 7" 'There Is A Light That Never Goes Out'

    Hi I'm selling my 7" 'There Is A Light That Never Goes Out' Cat No.: Rough Trade ‎– 90299, Virgin. Released Jan 1987 in France CONDITION: VG+ People interested please send me sensible offers via PM.
  16. M

    'The Queen is Dead' 12X24" Original Promo Poster The Cartel for £225

    Great Original Promo Poster 'The Queen Is Dead' featuring Alain Delon' Approx.Size: 30cmx60cm. Get it now for £225 instead of £300 + P&P at http://thesmiths.cat/shop/Queen-smiths-poster Condition: Very Good+++
  17. M

    Original Promo Poster 'Louder Than Bombs' for only £150 Sire & Rough Trade

    The Smihs Original Promo Poster from the album "Louder Than Bombs" first released in US and later in UK. That Poster were only distributed in US by SIRE. Approx.Size: 40"x30". Get it now for £150 instead of £250 + P&P at http://thesmiths.cat/shop/Smiths-Louder-poster
  18. M

    The Smiths Original The Cartel Promo Poster : Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now, 12"X24", £275

    The Smiths Original The Cartel* Promo Poster : Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now, 12"X24", £275!!! *Note that several of them are without The Cartel Logo Get it now for £275 instead of £350 + P&P at http://thesmiths.cat/shop/The-Smiths-Heaven-Knows-original
  19. M

    This Charming Man Original Poster The Cartel 12"X24" for £390

    Hi! I cut down the price of This Charming Man Original Poster to £450.00 ~ 566€ ~ 770$ ! Rare One! Get it at http://thesmiths.cat/shop/ThisCharmingman-Smiths
  20. M

    Rare Shakespeare's Sister Original Promo Poster, Rough Trade / The Cartel

    Rare to find Shakespeare's Sister Original Promo Poster distributed by the Cartel ! £375.00 at The Smiths Shop: Shakespeare's Original Promo Poster Size Approx.: 12"X24" (30cmX60cm)
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