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  1. Not Right in the Head

    This is a bust!

    http://www.nbcnewyork.com/around_town/the_scene/Breast-Implants-Set-World-Record-.html Behold a 38KKK bust. Is that racist?
  2. Not Right in the Head

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Yeah, I know that Thanksgiving isn't until tomorrow, but everyone here in the office has already left to get on the road. So, to all Americans out there in Solow land, What are you thankful for? Where are you going to celebrate the long weekend? If you're a vegetarian, what do you...
  3. Y

    David, with all due respect.....why

    Instead of the forum password and the chat password, why not combine them both into one? Seems like a pretty easy thing to do. (of course, *I* am not qualified to do this, but it just seems weird. "ONE PASSWORD, ONE WORLD" Please think about this.) Thank you.
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