1. The Chameleon

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  2. baltimoz

    What are rules of Moz tour travel?

    #1-- Do not book a pre-paid room from priceline.com or others, UNLESS you would absolutely LOVE to go to that particular city at that time of year without the Mozzer. #2--Do not book a non-refundable flight to a Morrissey show. In fact, plan to drive (or take the subway) to any Morrissey...
  3. The Seeker of Good Songs

    How's the economy where you live?

    Where I am, another major automobile dealership just shut down. This one was a GMC, Buick, Pontiac. A couple of months ago the Ford dealer closed and earlier in the year the Nissan dealer closed. There are still Subaru, Chrysler, Honda, Toyota and Chevrolet dealers but I don't see much going on...
  4. CrystalGeezer

    Are you a sad pooper or happy pooper?

    I'm doing this 7 day cleanse kit and inside found an advertisement for a step that fits underneath your toilet that supposedly positions your body better for more effective pooping. Note the smilie faces on the poopers. (I think it's funny as hell!) Anyway, this step can be yours for just...
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