1. Ugly Devil

    An idea for Morrissey's final tour

    I like the idea of Morrissey doing a seven night residency at a London venue; for example the roundhouse. Each night playing two of his albums back to back in chronological order. As follows... Monday : Viva Hate/ Bona Drag Tuesday : Kill Uncle/ Your Arsenal Wednesday : Vauxhall/ Southpaw...
  2. G

    Best Morrissey Song: The Bracket

    It's Morrissey March Madness!! I have created a bracket to determine the best Morrissey song. Go here to vote. It's free and easy. :) Know going in, however, that it was incredibly difficult to narrow the songs down and seed them. I tried to be as objective as possible, but there are...
  3. Irregular Regular

    Pick your favourite track from each of Morrissey's 9 studio albums

    I know this is quite difficult and the choices we make will likely be affected by the mood we are in at the time of selection, however this is what I would go with: Late Night, Maudlin Street Driving Your Girlfriend Home We'll Let You Know Speedway The Operation Trouble Loves Me You...
  4. D

    How Stupid Are You?

    how stupid are you?
  5. SparkleBoy

    Gay or Not? The Last Rock 'N Roll Poll.

    Well....is he?
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