1. The Truth

    Nergal of Behemoth on being a Morrissey fan, avoiding politics

    Starts at 1:57 talking about how politics should be separate from music. Talks about Morrissey starting at 2:35
  2. The Truth

    It's not about Sweden

  3. Famous when dead

    Morrissey: The Great Unfiltered Artist? by Fiona Dodwell - tremr.com

    Morrissey: The Great Unfiltered Artist? - Tremr By Fiona Dodwell. Excerpt: "Could it be that this is what we need, in society? That Morrissey's honesty is the very thing that calls fans to remain loyal and steadfast in full defence of their favourite artist. In a society driven by the...
  4. C

    Adam Curtis HyperNormalisation BBC Documentary

    This documentary is the best I've ever seen. It is quite long but you can watch in segments. It's not boring and you won't lose interest. It begins in 1975 and covers US foreign policy, Syria, Cyberspace, the bankruptcy of New York City, the rise of Donald Trump, Henry Kissinger's Middle East...
  5. Graham Rae

    "Soundproof Future Scotland" - new Scottish novel with Moz/Smiths refs

    Hi there. I hope this doesn't seem too spammy. I am a Smiths/Moz fan of over 30 years standing. I was published in the Smiths short story edition Paint a Vulgar Picture, edited by Peter Wild, that came out a few years ago. I have just published my own novel, Soundproof Future Scotland. It...
  6. D

    Where was Obama born?

  7. bored

    Pirate Party in the UK

    http://www.pirateparty.org.uk/ The Pirate Party is now officially recognized as a party. It's kind of a silly name but the seem to have some good ideas. I like specifically the desire to get rid of a lot of the surveillance that goes on.
  8. bored

    Obama sucks.

    So there is a new government rebate of up to $4500 dollars on a new car if you buy a new car that gets more than 10 MPG than the car you are trading in. The problem is that your trade in must get 18 MPG or less. My car gets around 27-28MPG. I was all ready to buy a new car immediately but...
  9. Not Right in the Head

    What are your political leanings?

    Where are you on the Political Compass? Left or Right? Authoritarian or Anarchist? Take the test & find out. My results. Don't look at 'em til you've taken the test yourself. Note that this thread isn't in the 'Sty (yet!), so I expect this to generate the kind of reasoned, calm...
  10. Half_a_Person

    Tim Russert died today

    WASHINGTON - Tim Russert, a political lifer who made a TV career of his passion with unrelenting questioning of the powerful and influential, died suddenly Friday in the midst of a presidential campaign he'd covered with trademark intensity. Praise poured in from the biggest names in politics...
  11. Theo

    Obama drops out of his entirely normal, mainstream church

    Well, entirely normal is how SoLow's Obama shills such as Worm described this black supremacist, racist church. Obama had been a member for 20 years. He was married there. He had his children baptized there. He handed the church thousands of dollars out of his own pocket. He considered...
  12. MunchyBrain

    May 2nd London Mayoral Elections

    I decided that it was time to promote another one of my various political causes that nobody cares about, so here gos. :D "NO TO THE CROOK, THE TOFF, THE COP AND THE FASCIST ‘Everyone knows the politicians are lying,corrupt, self-serving parasites - it’s time we let them know -THIS IS...
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