1. InitiateMe

    Poems inspired by Morrissey / Smiths songs

    Hi! First time I've ever posted on here. I wanted to share a poem I wrote inspired by Late Night, Maudlin Street and would love to read creative writing other people have written in response to Morrissey / Smiths songs. Some background to the poem (I hope I don't bore you!) There is a street...
  2. J

    give me advice please

    Hi, i wrote this really short song/poem would like to have some peoples opinions please Disconnection concealing my thoughts, behind my modern day mask breaking down barriers of faces to face the deconstruction of barriers is the reconstruction of society the screens you so pathetically...
  3. BrummieBoy

    Morrissey mentioned in Damien Dempsey Facebook post

    LOL! THE CANCER! sold a few more tickets at the London 02 but Bowie's banjaxed that Misery Lit Victim Script for Moz 4 evva! Even if it comes true in a totally mad, sad karmic circle kind of way. Damo is pretty fly, he did a Rebel Yell 1916 show at the Olympic here in Dublin the other night. I...
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