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  1. Kewpie

    sub-forum The Pigsty survey

    On 20th December 2008 the site administrator added a sub-forum in off-topic in order to reduce the trolling in the forums. How do you find the forums after having The Pigsty? I post this in general discussion because some users never bother to post in off-topic. I'd like to have wide range of...
  2. Theo

    Is it true or false that Kewpie is censoring tags in the 'sty??

    The rules for the Pigsty say there's just one rule (as long as the postings do not contain photos of, or personal info about, forum members, or hardcore porn). I do not read most threads on SoLow so I often don't know what all is going on. EPBabe brought it to my attention that...
  3. Y

    David, with all due respect.....why

    Instead of the forum password and the chat password, why not combine them both into one? Seems like a pretty easy thing to do. (of course, *I* am not qualified to do this, but it just seems weird. "ONE PASSWORD, ONE WORLD" Please think about this.) Thank you.
  4. Oh my god. it's Robby!

    the main page

    do you post on the main page and if so, as who? my username for the main page is se repenti fort* i use it mainly for my journal there: http://www.morrissey-solo.com/~se%20repenti%20fort/journal/ what about you *=the phrase se repenti fort roughly translates to 'to feel very sorry'
  5. Kewpie

    Nicolas Sarkozy voodoo doll row

  6. D

    bad mood thread

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