1. sistasheila

    Non-english Moz/Smiths interviews/articles (some are translated, some not)

    I`ve some in japanese,german,dutch etc.most of them are translated now!1st one is a italian interview (not a tranlated one from a british mag-i assume by going through it) where english translation is needed for those who do not speak italian... the french inrock articles are very intersting...
  2. vicarinatutugal

    Random Pictures

    Got the idea from lj.. just what the title says, any pic you like stick it here. :guitar: just omg! beer belly. :sick: *giggles*
  3. mell

    Morrissey papped going to bookstore!

    Morrissey got papped again on April 29th! The description says: Morrissey goes shopping at the Samuel French Bookstore. He shopped for about 10 minutes and covered his face up while walking back to his car. I saw these photos on but can't access the large photos. Does...
  4. Sheridan Whiteside

    All You Need Is Me 7" large image

    All You Need Is Me - Cover Not sure if this has already ben posted, but I stumbled across this on the HMV site The release info for All You Need Is Me Morrissey Release date: 19-5-2008 Availability: pre-order now Catalogue Number: 4780964 Label: POLYDOR Back to top track listing...
  5. Jones

    Morrissey papped again! Don't they know when he's got that cap on it means "leave me alone!" :D
  6. vicarinatutugal

    Previously unseen Morrissey pics!

    Guys there is a thread in the download section but really I think it warrants a post of its own. Since some of you might not pop over into that section. Really lovely to see some photo's we have not seen before. many thanks to Everyday I Like Sundae
  7. F

    So.... has been down for a while, as I've been doing some major reconstruction. In the beginning most 12"s have been photographed, but I wasn't very satisfied with the quality, so now they're all being scanned. It's a lengthy process, since I don't have a big scanner...
  8. J

    Picture Request

    Does anybody have a larger version of either of these two ... or a similar one? I can't find them anywhere Many Thanks xxx
  9. gotconfusedkilledahorse

    If Morrissey was an animal, which animal would he be?

    Please include comparative images as evidence. My money is on MEERKAT. (PREDICTION: This is the GREATEST thread EVER)
  10. T

    morrissey drink thread!

    Here you go!
  11. SomeTotallyRandomMozFan

    Moz Pic with Steve Conte backstage New York Dolls

    Not sure if this has been posted before but I found this pic of Morrissey and Steve Conte backstage on the New York Dolls website: Cheers, Jay
  12. vicarinatutugal

    Morrissey and his Mum

    This was just posted on the lj Morrissey_shot Had you seen it before?
  13. PregnantForTheLastTime

    Moz Meme... aka "LOLMozzers" Thread

    OK- it's time. I know Di does her awesome photoshops of Moz photos and I love those, but I am unable to resist the urge to do some further editing of some of these shots... so I present to you a place for LolMoz shots. And so I begin, with a repost from Frink or somewhere...
  14. 9 x Fined

    The unflattering photos thread

  15. T

    Johnny Marr frink thread

    In my humblest opinion, johnny is very good-looking, so why don't we do a frink thread with his pictures? (*I don't think it has been done yet*) I'll start with this one, which has been posted in Morrissey frink.
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