1. 4

    High-res young Morrissey pics

    Hey all, I need a high res color pic of young Morrissey. I'm trying to make a little Morrissey action figure for a friend who is the biggest Morrissey fan I know. The trick is it has to be high quality (preferably over 1000 px), color, and he has to be directly facing the camera (no head...
  2. T

    Morrissey art prints for sale. Live in 1991 in NJ.

    I took these photos of Morrissey in 1991 at the Garden State Arts Center These shots have never been published. This is my first time offering them for sale. They are size 11" x 14". $200 each. They are an edition of 3 and will not be printed at this size again. **the actual photo...
  3. T

    Nude Girls + Graffiti + Smiths/Morrissey Lyrics (nsfw for a butt)

    Hi There, Long time fan, first time forum member. I was in NYC last weekend and attended a photo show, and one particular image had something in it that seemed familiar... (pardon the crappy photo of the artwork) I remembered that being the title to a Morrissey song, and asked the...
  4. M

    Morrissey signed copy of "Interesting Drug"

    Hey there. My longterm unemployment is forcing me to part with one of my treasures, a signed copy of Interesting Drug. It was signed in person by Morrissey right before his performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! back in April 2007. It has a big blue signature against the orange album cover. I...
  5. anon x

    Morrissey photographed by the GREAT Jane Bown

    Morrissey in 1995 photographed by the GREAT Jane Bown. Great galleries here : (you can even have them full screen in great detail!) She's snapped the good,bad and the ugly for 5 decades:uses natural...
  6. I

    What is your favorite Morrissey photograph?

    This has to be in the top ten, his homage to James Dean by Andy Earl at Griffiths Observatory, Los Angeles. Yr turn, what is your favorite Moz photo?
  7. Scumfreezebag

    Request for young Morrissey photos

    If i might be as bold to ask. I've spent the last two days watching Morrissey on Jonathan Ross in 1990 singing I've changed my plea - Morrissey just looks sooo beautiful then :love: Anyway i can't spent my life on Youtube watching that video over and over and my previous searches for 1990ish...
  8. WhalleyRange

    Moz in 1980 Interesting article too. Sorry if this has been posted before, feel free to delete if it has.
  9. P

    Old Wolverhampton Pix

    Whilst cleaning out my storage locker a few weeks ago, I came upon an old stash of negatives from my college days. Included were a few dozen from Morrissey's first solo gig at Wolverhampton in 1988. They brought back many happy memories of that crazy day. I've had them scanned and the best of...
  10. JoeSellMozza

    New Pictures on new Facebook-Site a bit larger as shown on the Lost Highway site: complete new: a bit different from Lost Highway: complete new: Greetings from Germany! - Joe
  11. Kewpie

    Nominate pictures for Frinkest Photo of the Year 2008 poll

    Unable to include "morrissey frink thread" as a part of annual Thread of the Year poll because it's the winner of 2006 poll. However, I decided to add a new poll which is to find out the frinkest photo of the year. I'd like you to nominate 10-12 photos of Morrissey which have been taken in...
  12. Gin N Tonic Jil

    Never before seen Moz snaps???

    So I ditched work today, and decided to take inventory/clean-up my Moz magazine memorabilia out in the garage. My missus had be on me for a few years to do this. Its a beatiful L.A. day [/IMG] , got stoned and got to it. I came across these. I am not the shooter, they were sold to me by some...
  13. TuQui

    Morrissey interview by Lior Ashkenazi (pics)

    On 'Yediot Ahronot' (Israeli newspaper) today:cool: I scanned only the pics but I will scan the whole interview if you want (in Hebrew of course:p)
  14. rank-dsgn

    Dublin and Wireless Pictures

    It's hard work but someone's got to do it :DåblogID=412619703
  15. cossy

    Morrissey naked on this weeks Hot Press

    Ok my brother send me a link of his bands tour documentary and who do I see in the corner Jaysis Mozzer one for the frinkers I think cossy
  16. D

    Which Era Was Morrissey At His Sexiest?

    I'm sure this has been done before but I want to get an updated account from you all. Make sure to post your proof. Personally, Morrissey is at his most handsome phase during his Kill Uncle era. He's just too good looking.
  17. sistasheila

    I did post the Scotland+UKTourbook 85 in here for your pleasure...

    i scanned the uk+scotlandtourbook 85 and post it in here Scotlandtourbook 85 .
  18. jeniphir

    Anyone Have or Know of a Moz Photo Like This???

    Couldn't decide where to put this; mods please move it if you feel it ought to be moved. . . I'm looking for a photo to use as a reference for a tattoo, but so far haven't had much luck. . .wondered if anyone had a photo of Moz either in their collections or knew of one on the web that fills...
  19. Franissey

    I hadn't seen these

    From last December in LA. I got them from here:
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