1. Joe90

    Morrissey Central - Please Support (Animal Rights) Animal Rights groups and causes dear to Morrissey's heart and ours: PETA MERCY FOR ANIMALS Sea Shepherd Global Hunt Saboteurs Association The Gentle Barn...
  2. Theo

    Does Morrissey still like Jon Stewart after he abused a camel for a comedy bit?

    Morrissey's a massive fan of Jon Stewart and "The Daily Show". PETA has also looked hard for a way to jump on the Jon Stewart bandwagon. For example, in their PETA Files they praise him for making a couple remarks about horses: Well, I think Morrissey and the SoLow community should...
  3. deryn

    Canada needs Morrissey

    Will Morrissey come to Canada on the next tour? I loved that Morrissey boycotted Canada for our seal hunt practices, but surely Morrissey can understand that there are many, less than apathetic people in Canada, fighting everyday and struggling for a better world. Collective punishment is...
  4. roky

    Out There with Morrissey

    Here is an interview by Dan Mathews of Peta. I don't know if it has already been posted.
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