pet shop boys

  1. The Chameleon

    Chris Lowe is cooler than you

    Chris Lowe being cooler than you.
  2. Gaetano

    Neil Tennant (PSB) references Moz

    I'm sure this was already posted when it was released, or at least seen by some of you, but I just came across this clip which seems to be from an Oscar Wilde documentary and Neil Tennant makes some interesting points about Wilde's influence on 20th century music, and even refers to Moz at about...
  3. S

    WTF happenned to U2?

    I'm watching this DVD I ordered called "Live At Red Rocks". Now the cover Says the band is U2, but here is a band playing with such passion and emotion, I can't believe it's the same band that you see all over the net and gracing the playlists of every (Rock, Alternative, and Pop) station in the...
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