patti smith

  1. The Truth

    Patti Smith show w/ Iggy, David Johansen 1977

    AMAZING, FORGOTTEN PATTI SMITH GROUP SHOW WITH IGGY, DAVID JOHANSEN & OTHERS (BUT NO PATTI), 1977 On March 9th, 1977, members of the Patti Smith Group played an incredible yet little-known gig. A recent accident had sidelined Smith, and it’s likely the guys in Patti’s band did this show (and at...
  2. The Sense Of Doubt

    Morrissey: Musical Influences Print - 20% off

    Hello everybody, Just reaching out to let you know that we are running a Black Friday sale this weekend and our Morrissey print featuring his musical influences, favourite songs, LPs and more is 20% off. Morrissey - Musical Influences [Full Edition] Morrissey - Musical Influences [Compact...
  3. baby j

    Patti Smith ill with flu

    I just read that Patti Smith is sick with the flu, but still managed to perform last night @ Carnegie Hall with her daughter to support Tibet. The most exciting part about finally getting to see Moz in LA for the 1st time, and on my...
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