1. Irregular Regular

    'Bring Back JJ' Petition

    Please sign the (figurative) petition below if you would like JJ's ban to be lifted. I for one will miss his 'witty' posts and unabating love for Citeh... I am sure many around here will miss him too so mods please do the decent thing and reinstate him. You know it makes sense!
  2. R

    You've Had Her (Qonox fallere beat mix) mp3

    New remix for 2010! Hot off the multi-track editor! ENJOY....
  3. The_Draize_Train

    "Let's scare kewpie to death"

    Join me, won't you? :lbf: kewwwwwpieeee....
  4. Buzzetta

    Possible 15 Character Tags

    Now that tags have been reduced from 25 characters to 15 characters I figure we could make a thread of possible tags both tame and offensive for easy cutting and pasting when looking for the right words to say. Simply reply with a tag suggestion or PM me with one and I will edit it into the...
  5. Not Right in the Head

    Tanned, rested, and ready...or what I learned during my timeout

    It's good to be back, folks! I wasn't nearly as productive during my timeout as I'd hoped I'd be, but that's hardly news. Here's what I've observed during my week and a half of being on the "outside". I didn't even log in under any of my other usernames (since all but one of them is banned), so...
  6. CrystalGeezer

    I don't think Morrissey is gay.

    While we all see what we want which is the beauty of elusiveness, I think that when Morrissey wears pink to a Smoking Popes concert he's simply " representin' " his feminine side. I could be wrong, it's just a feeling I have. These theories about Jake and this pressure for him to be gay drives...
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