1. E

    New Smiths/Strokes influenced band from Reading, England called The Schoolboys

    This post is especially for the sheer amount of people on this website who’ve moaned about new or Morrissey endorsed music having style but no substance (the likes of Kristeen Young, Doll and The Kicks, Starcrawler) or even that The Strokes were “better than Moz”. As always, if you like an...
  2. David Talaga

    Starting to collect

    Hello. I am just now starting to collect a Morrissey vinyl collection. I already have his full discography on cd, just want it in vinyl too. But I have found that I could get a single in 7" and 12". For collecting purposes, what would be better to buy, the 7" or the 12"? Thank you.
  3. P

    It ain't easy being me or new, but here I am...hello!

    I feel Morrissey is the greatest poet that ever lived. Better than Shakespeare and all that. Can't wait to jump right in. I think that his career is just beginning! He has always been a rebel, a punk and first and foremost a writer. The rest is just background noise, good noise, but still...
  4. D

    34, clumsy, and shy

    I just wanted to introduce myself - I've always been a long time reader, but always a little shy to post. My name is Denise and I have the privilege of writing a book about Morrissey for BackBeat Boooks/Hal Leonard publishing. It's called Morrissey FAQ and it's an in depth reference book...
  5. A

    New York Doll Movie/Doc to play on DOC channel 3pm (pacific) today, in 7 minutes

    Tune in! It is a great movie, lots of Morrissey air time/coverage. Channel 197 Orange County Dish Network.
  6. my angel

    my angel

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