1. David Talaga

    Starting to collect

    Hello. I am just now starting to collect a Morrissey vinyl collection. I already have his full discography on cd, just want it in vinyl too. But I have found that I could get a single in 7" and 12". For collecting purposes, what would be better to buy, the 7" or the 12"? Thank you.
  2. P

    It ain't easy being me or new, but here I am...hello!

    I feel Morrissey is the greatest poet that ever lived. Better than Shakespeare and all that. Can't wait to jump right in. I think that his career is just beginning! He has always been a rebel, a punk and first and foremost a writer. The rest is just background noise, good noise, but still...
  3. D

    34, clumsy, and shy

    I just wanted to introduce myself - I've always been a long time reader, but always a little shy to post. My name is Denise and I have the privilege of writing a book about Morrissey for BackBeat Boooks/Hal Leonard publishing. It's called Morrissey FAQ and it's an in depth reference book...
  4. A

    New York Doll Movie/Doc to play on DOC channel 3pm (pacific) today, in 7 minutes

    Tune in! It is a great movie, lots of Morrissey air time/coverage. Channel 197 Orange County Dish Network.
  5. my angel

    my angel

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