1. The Wild Turkey

    Songs In Picture

    Dedicated to the pursuit of capturin' songs in picture form.
  2. The Wild Turkey

    Wind Turbine

    Sunday Wind Turbine
  3. E

    New Smiths/Strokes influenced band from Reading, England called The Schoolboys

    This post is especially for the sheer amount of people on this website who’ve moaned about new or Morrissey endorsed music having style but no substance (the likes of Kristeen Young, Doll and The Kicks, Starcrawler) or even that The Strokes were “better than Moz”. As always, if you like an...
  4. Famous when dead

    Morrissey: The Great Unfiltered Artist? by Fiona Dodwell -

    Morrissey: The Great Unfiltered Artist? - Tremr By Fiona Dodwell. Excerpt: "Could it be that this is what we need, in society? That Morrissey's honesty is the very thing that calls fans to remain loyal and steadfast in full defence of their favourite artist. In a society driven by the...
  5. C

    Smiths featured on Map Of Alternative Music History

    Let’s All Obsess Over This Intricate Map of Alt Music History - Wired Excerpt: It started with The Sex Pistols. Specifically, with The Sex Pistols’ June 4, 1976 show at the Lesser Free Trade Hall in Manchester, England. The concert now ranks as one of the most influential performances of all...
  6. christhewriter

    Nocturnal Wonderland Music Festival LA somebody?

    Hi everybody! Im pretty excited cause Im attending this amazing music festival in a couple months here close Los Angeles. "While you won't find much Alice in the Wonderland series of festivals, you will find a whimsical, carnival-like atmosphere drenched in Day-Glo and pulsating lasers. The...
  7. christhewriter

    Is somebody going to Coachella this year?

    I'm going from Los Angeles to Coachella Valley ♥ :D ♪♫♪
  8. O

    Hi guys! New Morrissey fan online

    Hi guys, Finally decided to join this website after years of watching the forums avidly. Been a Moz fan for about 5 years now. Am 20 years old and a musician myself so have always appreciated both the Smiths and Moz's contributions. Love discussing Morrissey so please do get in touch. :)
  9. B

    Music video feedback? 'big mouth strikes again' please?

    Hi! Myself and my media group did a music video for our A2 assignment with the song 'Big Mouth Strikes Again' by the Smiths. We were meant to do some kind of screening to our target audience ... trouble is... Our college doesn't really contain the target audience we are looking for )...
  10. Royal Oak Music Theatre-Dec 17 2011

    Royal Oak Music Theatre-Dec 17 2011

  11. peptastic

    30 days of music

    I got this from tumblr. -Day 01 – your favorite song -> Day 02 – your least favorite song -> Day 03 – a song that makes you happy -> Day 04 – a song that makes you sad -> Day 05 – a song that reminds you of someone -> Day 06 – a song that reminds you of somewhere -> Day 07 – a...
  12. Tucson, AZ  MOZ!

    Tucson, AZ MOZ!

    Tucson Music Hall - May 23rd, 2012
  13. C

    Morrissey piano sheet music

    Hello, I am wondering if printed sheet music for piano exists for 'There's A Place In Hell For Me And My Friends' or 'I've Changed My Plea To Guilty'. Since the album versions are mostly piano I would hope the sheet music is out there? Thank you in advance.
  14. Lobster Douché

    Morrissey and everyone on this website is a dirty communist pig

    I think that everyone here is spreading the idea that communism is ok by ignoring my comments. This is why I have endevoured to create my own thread to spread awareness about the growing threat of online communists. I rightly assume that all of you are communists and I suggest that you all...
  15. Elvez

    'Urgh! A Music War' finally on dvd + soundtrack

    It's a classic!:cool: Just saw that this was released, apparently a year and a half ago.;),default,pd.html soundtrack thanks to mrml:guitar:
  16. nightingale+therose

    Sisters of Mercy 5CD set. F&L&A, Floodland, Vision Thing, Some Girls, A Slight Case

    THE SISTERS OF MERCY have re-issued five of their best selling and critically acclaimed albums (this is a quote - not my opinion) in a single 5CD set - "Original Album Series". "A Slight Case of Overbombing", "Some Girls Wander by Mistake", "First and Last and Always", "Floodland" and...
  17. nightingale+therose

    TWP Live 1988 The Wedding Present

    It's what we've all been waiting for.... The Wedding Present Live 1988 on CD (rather than crappy worn out tapes). Live 1988 will be released on 29 March and will be available at live shows and through independent music sellers:) LIVE 1988’ collects the third and fourth of The Wedding...
  18. sistasheila

    all female Norwegian band Katzenjammer on tour

    multinstrumentalist ,catchy pop songs.below: youtubevideos to check them out... live: Their music mixes genres such as folk music, pop, rock, country and balkan music. The four members...
  19. LuvMozzy

    last fm profile under avatar

    On another board I've started going on under people's avatars it has their last fm username, and links you to their lastfm page. I think it's quite nice for a. discovering new music from posters you respect or b. laughing at people's music taste who you don't like. Either way, you win...
  20. Mozzza

    Morrissey music video....any help??

    I've got to make a music video for an atrist/band in media studies and Mozza and The Smiths being my fave i thought i should do them! I want to make a quality one though with them being my favourites and all....Just wondering if anyone had any ideas as to whay i could do for a smiths video/what...
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