1. Vincent Van Malderen

    Morrissey at the movies

    Belgian-based Latvian editor Elina Ventere finally released her project 'Morrissey at the movies'. As she herself says: ""Morrissey at the Movies" is online! I had so much fun discovering some great cinematic pearls and I even had more fun making this little compilation cause Morrissey has...
  2. Elvez

    Sundance Film Festival 2009!

    All things Sundance '09 site film guide Anyone else going?:D
  3. the more you explore me!

    tell us about the last Film you saw

    hello people, the last film i saw was Bad Santa. yes i have started a new thread with some high art! bad isn't the word, i thought it was terrible. just billy bob thorton swearing at a fat kid for 90 mins. that was all it was a joke about a sad man, criminal dressed as santa (ho Ho ho)...
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