1. jazz_filter

    The Smiths in the Jazz Filter

    Hi all, this is my first post. I have loved Morrissey since I was 13 (now I am bloody almost 39!) and despite my musical influences shifting to 1950's and 60's jazz now, The Smiths and Morrissey are my enduring loves. We have been developing a show of songs that changed me when I was a teen...
  2. T

    Selling two tickets for MSG 6/27

    Selling 2 two (2) tickets to see Morrissey tonight @ MSG in NYC 6-27-15 because I have a very sick seven year old daughter and, unfortunately, the wife and I can't leave her with the sitter like that. Paid $ 150 with ticketmaster fees for the pair. Asking $ 100.00 for the pair or best...
  3. Morrissey on Jimmy Fallon featuring Andromeda

    Morrissey on Jimmy Fallon featuring Andromeda

    Morrissey on Jimmy Fallon featuring Andromeda 6/25/15
  4. F

    Morrissey/Smiths Skateboarding T-Shirt

    Hello Mozzaphiles, So many references to skateboarding in one song; ‘Wheel Around The Fountain, slappy on the patio’ ‘I dreamt about you last night and I fell out of bed twice’ ‘People see no worth in you, oh but I do’ The Smiths’ frontman sang a clear ode to skateboarding...
  5. M

    sales Morrissey at Free Trade Hall premium gildan T-shirt from £9 ~ 12,5€ ~ 14$

    Valid Till 14 June 11:59pm Pacific Time ! COUPON: WRIGHT Original Photo by Stephen Wright Morrissey Premium T-Shirt Free Trade Hall MANCHESTER at T-Shirts Price discounted: White Colour : £11.25...
  6. M

    New Morrissey stamp vintage T-Shirt for £9

    New Morrissey Stamp vintage T-Shirt ! £9 ~ 12,5€ ~ 13,75$ at High Quality by Gildan !
  7. M

    The Smiths Still Ill T-Shirt

    The Smiths STILL ILL T-Shirt for £10,75 ~ 16,5$ ~ 15€ at The Smiths Shop High Quality Antique Cherry by Gildan
  8. BrummieBoy

    Madonna, Morrissey & Margeret Thatcher - The Guardian blog

    "From Rock Against Racism to Bob Dylan, there’s a pervading sense that pop is the voice of the dispossessed. And yet Madge’s shoutout to Maggie is just the latest chapter in a history of conservatism that takes in Morrissey and Ian Curtis.... Morrissey admitted in 2013 he’d toyed with the idea...
  9. O

    Morrissey arrest (spoof)

    this is clearly a fake but it's so funny, i had to share !
  10. MozVegan9

    San Jose, CA - Tickets?

    Anybody have any idea when tickets are on sale for San Jose?
  11. M

    New T-Shirt of Morrissey at Free Trade Hall taken by S. Wright in 1984 (£14.85 with coupon)

    Beautiful Original Photo of Morrissey taken by Stephen Wright (Smiths Photos) during the gig that The Smiths Performed at the Manchester Free Trade Hall the 13 March of 1984. 10% OFF With Coupon till 3 April 2015! £14,85 at How to use the...
  12. T

    Maladjusted Revisited

    Maladjusted has received some harsh criticism over the years, and although I don't think it's his best work, a simple reshuffle of album tracks and B-sides could save it 01. Maladjusted 02. Alma Matters 03. Lost 04. The Edges Are No Longer Parallel 05. Wide To Receive 06. Trouble Loves...
  13. Cliff Gloom

    The Smyths in London Fri 10th April

    The Smyths are back for their final big London gig of 2015 when they headline 229 Venue on Friday 10th April. For this special gig, titled The Bombs Won't Listen the band will be playing tracks from both The World Won't Listen & Louder Than Bombs compilation albums. Featuring hit singles such...
  14. Uncleskinny

    Moz as Hulk / All-New Superpowered Post-Punk Marvels by Butcher Billy - Behance

    This wins the internet. Love the Siouxsie one too. P.
  15. A

    New unseen Morrissey photo by Anton Corbijn

    cool. i just googled imaged his name and mozs and so many great ones i hadnt seen came up. some really really nice work there
  16. M

    The Smiths new T-shirts

    New T-shirts! Preorders 15% OFF at #Thesmiths #Tshirt #Tshirts
  17. Morrissey in Bournemouth, March 14 2015

    Morrissey in Bournemouth, March 14 2015

    True To You 15 March 2015: "Bournemouth International Center. Photographer unknown."
  18. M

    New T-Shirt 'It Takes Guts to Be Gentle & Kind' from £10.50 - Gildan Softstyle Ring Spun

    Cobalt Colour for £10,5 at P&P UK & EUR: £5.25 P&P Rest of World: £8 GILDAN Ring Spun T-Shirt Colour: Deep Blue / Deep Purple (Cobalt) 150 gsm 100% ring-spun jersey cotton Preshrunk Shoulder-to-shoulder neckband Round neck...
  19. B

    *mod - please delete*

    *mod - please delete*
  20. Uncleskinny

    Morrissey t-shirt with the queen in 2015 tour merchandise / @morrisseygang image

    Re: Morrissey tshirt with the queen "The more you ignore me, the closer I get" Take them to the cleaners. It's your work, you made it clear your terms, and if what you say is accurate, they've ridden rough-shod over your wishes. If you need legal advice, let me know, I'm married to a lawyer...
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