1. DJXL

    Just read a book written by a big Morrissey fan

    Have just read 'The Confessions of a Failed Rock Star' by Maximilian Kidd, and it turns out he's a massive Morrissey fan, quotes him as his biggest influence, and mentions him throughout the book. Funny book, worth a read.:):)
  2. Cliff Gloom

    Smiths Night at O2 Academy2 Islington - Sat 13th February

    Burn Down The Disco - Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me: Smiths Special at O2 Academy2 Islington. Sat 13th February What better antidote to Valentines Day than a night soundtracked by The Smiths. Don't worry about that double decker get down and stick a couple of digits up to Cupid...
  3. J

    After spending nye with moz, l.a.'s saddest morrissey fan is sad no longer

    AFTER SPENDING NYE WITH MOZ, L.A.'S SADDEST MORRISSEY FAN IS SAD NO LONGER A personal essay I wrote for LA Weekly on Morrissey's New Year's Eve show in Moz Angeles
  4. M

    Morrissey 3 tour programmes pack

    I have created a pack price for Kill Uncle (2 legs) and Your Arsenal Tour programs ! These 3 for £120 at Worldwide Shipping Morrissey
  5. Cliff Gloom

    Sat 9th Jan - The Smyths 30th Anniversary of 'The Queen Is Dead'

    We're just over a month away until the world's premier Smiths tribute, The Smyths, play their much talked about 'The Queen Is Dead' 30th anniversary gig at O2 Academy Islington in London. The band will be playing the album in it's entirety followed by a second set full of greatest hits, fan...
  6. brasilia_morrissey


  7. Sao_Paulo_Teatro_Renault


  8. M

    New The Smiths bags

    NEW The Smiths Gladioli Tote Bag - Natural Colour by Westmillford! Till SUNDAY SPECIAL Price Release : £4.75 ~ 6,5€ ~ 7,15 3 Colours Printing
  9. M

    The Smiths at Salford printed on a beatuful 250g Card Paper (Original from the photograpger)

    Beautiful Original Print on 250g Card, 29cmX40cm ! Signed by the Photograher ! £19 ~ 25€ ~ 29$ at © Stephen Wright
  10. budapest


    Photo: mriopls
  11. A

    Marr, 8th Oct 2015: "It's a shame The Smiths aren't on better terms (with each other)"

    Re: Marr, 8th Oct 2015: "It's a shame The Smiths aren't on better terms [with each other]" is it a shame them not being friends or not reforming because i dont think its just a matter of getting along that would have them reform the smiths. if its just about friendship, the olive branch...
  12. M

    The StageLeft Podcast - Mike Farrell on writing songs for Morrissey & touring You Are The Quarry

    For whatever reason the link above didn't work for me. I found the interview on this page:
  13. K

    LF: Moz vinyl

    After a bunch of stuff, I'll start with LP's. Not bothered about press: Beethoven Was Deaf Live at Earl's Court Maladjusted Southpaw Grammar You Are The Quarry Ringleader Of The Tormentors The More You Ignore Me 7'' Hold On To Your Friends X Sunny X The Boy Racer X I Just Want To See The...
  14. K

    Apollo London 20/09/15 & 21/09/15 stall standing ticket for sale

    I have spare tickets for both Morrissey London shows: 3 tickets for Sunday 20th September - London Eventim Apollo STALL STANDING ==> 66 GBP each ticket 1 ticket Monday 21st September - London Eventim Apollo STALL STANDING ==> 66 GBP PM if interested. I will be attending the show, so I can...
  15. Cliff Gloom

    The Smyths - 30th Anniversary of 'The Queen Is Dead' - Sat 9th January 2016

    With all this talk about our dear old Queen becoming the longest seving monarch, it seems a good time to remind you all about The Smyths - 'The Queen Is Dead' 30th Anniversary gig at London's O2 Academy Islington on Sat 9th January, 2016. The worlds biggest Smiths tribute will be playing the...
  16. Movistar Arena

    Movistar Arena

    Poster Movistar Arena, Santiago, Chile, source:
  17. T

    "Two Light Ales Please" - new 96 page Smiths/Morrissey fanzine available now

    A zine that will make your heart full... available at "Two Light Ales Please" - A Smiths/Morrissey fanzine. 96 pages of Smiths/Morrissey obsession, art, writing, photographs, and interviews, also includes a pull out art print. Completely hand done with...
  18. Detritus

    "List of the Lost" cover art, press release, release date (Sep. 24, 2015) - Penguin UK, TTY

    UPDATE 11:30 AM PT: charmer posts: Official "List of the Lost" press release to be published by Penguin Books on 24 September 2015 at £7.99 Penguin Books is delighted to announce the forthcoming publication of List of the Lost, Morrissey’s extraordinary novel, on 24 September. ‘Beware of...
  19. kresnik2015

    Request: The Smiths/Morrissey songbooks?

    I'm trying to learn some songs so I decided to download some songbooks but they seems almost imposible to find! I already have 2 of them, louder than bombs and one of the Singles but I need more :( Can you guys share a link with me or something?
  20. jazz_filter

    The Smiths in the Jazz Filter

    Hi all, this is my first post. I have loved Morrissey since I was 13 (now I am bloody almost 39!) and despite my musical influences shifting to 1950's and 60's jazz now, The Smiths and Morrissey are my enduring loves. We have been developing a show of songs that changed me when I was a teen...
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